L 'Amour Fou: the coolest hardware store in Paris

The gifts shop amour fou

There was a time not so long ago when trendy girls from Paris , Hong Kong and New York swore by avant-garde concept stores or futuristic flagships. In the next world, sharp tastes clearly prefer to focus on safe bets, stylish utility, retro cool, and beauty that lasts.

The hardware store's revenge has sounded! Passed into the oblivion of old-fashioned, this obsolete and practical stall, long snubbed, is making a remarkable and obviously insgrammable comeback.

As evidenced by the fresh opening of L ' Amour Fou , in Bastille: a remarkable 2.0 hardware store in the 11th district, which surfs the codes of the bazaar where we definitely want to leave with the whole store.

Once upon a time in mad love

They dreamed of finding a boutique style “ with everyday objects in a pretty and romantic version and a claimed pop, green and eco-friendly spirit”, at the antipodes of Leroy Merlin.

Georgie (model maker) and Julien (director of the musical agency Super! ) Take advantage of the confinement to open the stall of their dream at the bottom of their home rue Sedaine, a furiously Parisian place inspired by the cult Maison Empereur in Marseille and the dandy spirit hispter of Labor and Wait in Shoreditch .

Here, the white walls dressed in books, watering cans, shovels and brushes display the color of the brothel organized with a mix of creative hobbies, gardening, plants, chic crafts and other everyday wonders drawn from cool, sustainable or slow life labels.

A mine of functional and stylish objects

It gives an extra light beam with a Hoopzi lamp cage (€ 23), a light cord of all colors (€ 30), but also the right gear to pimp your window sill: Mini Balanchol (€ 3), Calathea Ornata (€ 21) and Plint watering can (€ 29.50).

To spice up your cooking: a Dualit toaster (€ 199), a Breton bowl L'amour fou (€ 21.50), the imperfect & Klevering plates (€ 9.95) or the Hay gourds: (€ 35/39 €). At the grocery store corner, bars signed Le chocolat français (€ 5.95), Le French Biscuit (€ 13.90 a box) and apple juice from a small producer.

You will love to clean with a shovel that throws it (€ 14.50) and the matching brush (€ 17.50) signed Iris Hantverk .

As for tableware and ceramic fans: they will thrill in front of the selection, especially the limited edition in collaboration with Agathe Sorlet.

A lifestyle treasure box

The concept store with items like transparent baffles, soaps, razors.

In addition to the bric-a-brac of the house, the hardware store of modern times obviously offers its share of lifestyle about which appears as the perfect boutique of chic and singular gifts, like the Transparent Baffles (490 €), the ideal for demanding geeks or the Herbivore candle.

A little fashion, then… on condition that you are responsible for practicality like the overalls of the label Le Mont Saint-Michel 100% natural cotton or the Sassi leather bags.

Same story for the bathroom: Ciment or Iris Hantverk soaps (€ 7.50), not to mention the minimalist Barraya razor, far ahead of Gilette Fusion (€ 29.30).

Swap your kids' boring games for a cooler version of the cult Power 4, here signed Moulin Roty (€ 15), the Vilac bowling game (€ 47.50) for a bowling alley at home… Or all the books for children of Tomi Ungerer ( The three brigands , it is him) story of transforming little monsters into young scholars.

Also discover the favorite sites of decorators and Club Couleur: the new bazaar created by the founders of Bonton.

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Where to find it?

L’amour Fou

3, rue Sedaine

75011 Paris

Bastille Bastille

Breguet-sabin Breguet-sabin

Bastille Bastille

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