Color club: the new bazaar created by the founders of Bonton

Club Couleur

Club Couleur , the last baby of Thomas and Irène Cohen , founders of Bonton , has everything to brighten up the season and brighten up our homes. A true digital nugget, this brand new concept-store, more fashionable than ever, claims to be a bazaar that is both green, practical and full of vitamins at (very) cool prices.

What do all the singular objects have in common ? Color… always staged in a hyper lifestyle scenario “ which tells the story of the palette of our lives ”. But above all, it reflects a state of mind.

Club Couleur: a cool… and green friendly state of mind

Upgrade everyday objects . Give a second life to a garment. Bring the forgotten ones back up to date. It is the claim of the selection of Club Couleur which produces nothing, but justifies all its choices. Because nothing is here by chance.

Spirit? Cool in a conscious approach . Because if everything cannot be organic, made in France and united at the same time, we can approach it as closely as possible, always in an approach under the sign of responsibility.

The kings of upcycling

It's in the old jars… A true king of upcycling , Club Couleur has a knack for giving old fashioned things a second life and making them the new cool piece of the moment.

Their super-efficient concept? Pick up an old Fruit of the Loom sweatshirt or jogging (€ 50), pimp a bread bag (€ 12) or resuscitate a bob (€ 26) or a granny's mesh shopping bag (€ 12) by passing them through the expert hands from the Bonnin dyeing company who give them the color of the moment… The result is stunning. And resolutely stylish.

Without forgetting the jackets (82 €) and jumpsuits (120 €) in jeans which rehabilitate the blue work… of another color!

The responsible bazaar you've always dreamed of

On the shelves: each tribe finds its happiness! To thrill stylish geekettes , the Italian brand Pijama wraps our computers in recycled pouches with sublime prints (€ 45). With a Roberts radio , the British reference par excellence (€ 299), you will never listen to France Inter as before.

As for the wireless charger : it will revolutionize your smartphone problems when it comes to battery life. Designers Igor and John firmly believe that high-tech objects are made to make life easier. We put our phone down and presto, silence it charges.

The must of stationery? It is here also that it happens between the notebooks of Papier Tigre , the post-il and stickers to spice up the life of the office and the bubble envelopes of all the colors.

This is without forgetting a decorative and cutting-edge and offbeat cuisine selection between pretty mirrors, stylish crates (€ 6), Danish mugs (€ 7) as pop as they are retro or even the tie & dye candles without palm oil that everyone can enjoy. dream (15 €) produced by social institutions in the Alps. The pheno of the moment!

From hardware to sextoys ...

In the hardware department: household products with high added value such as Kerzon liquid soaps (€ 21), but also a crumb catcher or André Jardin brush , so beautiful… that you will want to Instagram directly! And for the stuff in the bedroom: the most stylish sex toys on the market (€ 179).

Also discover the decor pheno of the moment .

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