Very affordable deluxe prices #Beautystas

Printemps Beaute

No need to present the new Printemps de la beauté, the place is swarming with fashion editors, conceived like an avant-garde concept-store that resembles no other, filled with super trendy and exclusive brands as well as unique concepts …

Among these suggestions, one will particularly appeal to Parisiennes looking for chic inexpensive gifts.

Scene of the crime ? The corner #beautystas. Imagine a chic bazaar where one finds only very chic prices from the Printemps de la beauté.

Its high added value: it is filled with products imagined exclusively Printemps de la Beauté Haussmann. Translation: you find them here and nowhere else.

Now just pick something to make your mommy happy, kids sisters and BFF: a OPI beauty kit with sequins (€23), or a fabulous Gold Wönder Collection lipstick signed Lancôme (€35) in a gold case.

Open every day.

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Where to find it?

Printemps de la Beauté - Maison - Enfant

61 rue de Caumartin

75009 Paris


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Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

Saint-lazare Saint-lazare

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