The most coveted burger during fashion-week

Burger. Fashion foodies are overwhelmed !  The label for the best burgers in Paris - PNY- is launching a very sexy collab’. Imagine an ephemera burger 100% CHINA, resulting from the gourmet Mr Zao, the SWAG Asian venue in the capital Paname…

In other words: the most coveted burger of fashion-week, to enjoy with the use of chopsticks All the fashion trendies of the Marais are rushing over to test it. Yummy. Your mouth is watering ?

A chicken burger, marinated with fermented tofu dough and 5 fragrance spices, all covered with sweet potato flour. It’s actually a fried chicken under which is hidden an iceberg salad, kimchi of green papaya, Thai coriander and a dose of cheddar refined during 9 months. It’s just totally crazy !

Served with house sweet potato fries along with a chili mayonnaise and black sesame cheesecake to finish on a high note caloric curtain dropper. So what’s the translation for foodporn in Chinese ?

Where to go taste it? At PNY Marais, PNY Oberkampf, PNY Faubourg Saint-Denis, PNY Voyager à Pigalle, and also home delivery by Deliveroo.

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Elodie Rouge

Where to find it ?


1, Rue Perrée

75003 Paris

01 42 71 23 08

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