Caffè Stern, a modern Italian bistro signed Starck

Caffe Stern

When the king of designers takes over a nugget at the heart of passage des Panoramas, it naturally becomes the hottest chic rendezvous of the season with all the fashion intelligentsia of  Paris (Alain Ducasse himself has made it one of his fave places).

Because Starck did not renovate any old house, but Stern, a mythical engraving workshop. Imagine an ultra-stylish and super peppy dining room with a very Parisian cabinet of curiosities allure, mingling chandeliers and stuffed animals, sofas and high tables. In short, a really magical place!

In the plate, you will enjoy sublimated Italian specialties. Our favorite? An incredible steamed pizza.  What else? Their spaghetti alla carbonara’ (18€) top notch veal chop alla milanese with salad and almond mayo with incredible herbs (39€)

We love: a real Italian bistro open non-stop all day long. Result? You can also go for there for a great breakfast with croissants, brioches and fab coffee straight from Vérona (2,50€).

Nibble or order the delivery of one of their amazing pizza with burrata: Bottega Romana

We were all dreaming of an address playing the card of the chic cantina/ trattoria and a pizza delivery with high added values. Our wish is granted with this fab address of pizzas by the slice. Normal, it’s a very clever dandy who launched this house, in an area seriously lacking good stylish addresses. Their specialty? Pizza with a divinely crispy crust and our favorite Italian savors such as truffle or burrata.

Tip top: divine pizzas delivered at home since the delivery squad has warming plaques to keep them crunchy! Cheery on the pizza, they deliver good wine and fab desserts (Popellini puff pastries).

We adore: a very cocooning cantina for a cozy dinner and available prices at night time!


Also discover Piero TT, the italian restaurant of Pierre Gagnaire.

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Where to find it?

Caffè Stern

47, passage des Panoramas

75002 Paris

01 75 43 63 10

Bourse Bourse

Richelieu-drouot Richelieu-drouot

Grands Boulevards Grands Boulevards

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