Doublevie winebar

Doublevie Cave A Manger Paris

The place : All the cool people from Paris North gather at Doublevie, which has become the HQ for groups of friends who come to feast, toast, and dance in just a few months. Yes, dance, because on the ground floor, just below, the vinyl records make the crowds dance to thrilling sounds. But upstairs, and even on the floor above, near the huge communal table, it's the delicious Mediterranean dishes and wine bottles that take center stage in this incredible building from the 1940s covered in glass, whose soul has been dusted off by the D.A. and chill emperor Laurent Laporte, founder of the magazine Whereisthecool.

The Plates : We share in complete disorder small and large, thoughtfully designed plates, from sourced beautiful products to well-matched condiments: arancini with Comté cheeseburrata, and spinach (€14), creamy pumpkin gnocchi with Parmesan served in an XXL dish (€32), a whole roasted chicken with smoked paprika and black garlic (€29), and for dessert, a green apple and vanilla shortbread that you'll rave about (€9).

To drink : A friendly selection of natural, organic, or biodynamic wines from the terroirs of southern France, Italy, and Greece, with 50 references to choose from. Wines by the glass start at €7 (Vinoceros, La Grange Saint-André, pét' nat' Amos Baneres...), or you can indulge in a bottle starting at €29, with a special passion for Tetramythos, a mineral and saline white wine from Greece (€38).

Doublevie, 2 rue Poulet, Paris 18th. Open every day. Kitchen service every evening from 7:00 pm to 12:30 am. Lunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

© Géraldine Martens

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