The best Thai in Paris goes vegan

Considered as “the” Thai cantina of reference in Paris, the flagship Kapunka is inaugurating its first 100% vegan address in the Sentier: Kapunka Vegan. A lovely vegetized pocket dining room with wooden tables and stools. A great pretext to go green.

A great moral booster

You worried to come out hungry? Not at all the case. With their highly comforting soues and pimped curries, Kapunka Vegan can satisfy a great many appetites.

 Thom Kha soup with vegetables, coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass and bergamot and salad of papaya from Asian restaurant Kapunka Vegan

Amongst the dishes à la carte, one finds the must-haves of the group in a special version devoid of any animal trace, such as the spring rolls (€9) ou the papaya salad (€9). Other recipes were developed for the address, concerned with satisfying the nutritional needs of vegans.

Here you can enjoy a wild Thom Kha soup with vegetables, coconut milke, galanga, lemon grass and bergamot (€12), the very popular Mikati (red curry, rice noodles, coconut, peanuts and coriandre, €12) and a refreshing smoothie bowl with mango, red fruit and muesli (€8). For choco-addicts, the no-gluten banana cake is really quite good (€9).

Vegan all along the line

Same philosophy in the cellar with a selection of vegan bottles: Pinot Noir (€7), Chardonnay (€24 per bottle).

Open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner.

Also check out spring rolls delivered at home and the veggie cantina M la vie.

Julie Zwingelstein

Where to find it ?

Kapunka Vegan

4, rue de Damiette

75002 Paris

01 42 33 78 99

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