The best pizza in Marseille has landed in the Marais

La Cerise Sur La Pizza Pizzeria in the Marais in Paris

The best pizzas in Marseilles are doing it again in Paris with Kader Aibout and his team from La Cerise sur la Pizza. After Belleville and Saint-Paul, they were just missing the Marais to delight foodies. Here is why you will adore their concept.

A 100% second-hand decor

A red neon sign, vintage chairs, white ceramic tile like in the metro on the walls, framed drawings by Albert Dubourg illustrating Marcel Pagnol, a cherry tree planted next to the bay window— everything here is second hand. The authentic authentique devanture de butcher store front dates back to the 19th century. You said vintage?

Upscale pizza

La cerise sur la pizza outside frontage in Paris

Jean-Edouard Pigrenet, in charge of the French “pizzaiolo” school in Paris, puts together a menu where nothing is left by happenstance. Starting with the dough, that sits for 3 days in order to free the gas and make it lighter. Regarding the garnishing, only the best ingredients coming straight from Italy are used: olive and hazelnut oil, pine nuts, glazed onions, basil pesto, buffala mozzarella, scamorza, bresaola, Parma ham...

How to make your choice? Thanks to the districts of Marseille, that have given their names to pizzas such as the Noailles, with cream of truffle, mozza, mushrooms, buffala, hazelnut oil, arugula. €16).

The “Vieux-Port” will delight you with its tomatoes, mozza, coppa, arugula, artichokes, slivers of parmesan. €15). And for dessert? The “Fada de Nutella” with nutella and pralines (€13€), named after La Cité Radieuse de Marseille designed by Le Corbusier.

A great spot at cocktail hour

The high continues with an exclusively Italian wine list  (Maru Negroamaro IGT, Bianco di Ciccio IGT …) and Marseille beers (Cagole blonde and white blanche, La Minote...). And if you are on a date, go straight for their Prosecco cocktails,  “Romeo and Juliet” (€12 for two cocktails).

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Where to find it?

La cerise sur la pizza

14, rue Froissart

75003 Paris

01 56 06 90 80

Saint-paul (le Marais) Saint-paul (le Marais)

Sully-morland Sully-morland

Pont Marie (cite Des Arts) Pont Marie (cite Des Arts)

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