Pizzou: the French-style pizzeria

Pizza plate and interior atmosphere of the French pizzeria

The Pinces gang is back in the running. Damien, Louis, Remy and Vivien, these foodie entrepreneurs are making a comeback and have launched a new particularly trendy address on rue de Douai, a skip and a hop from Pink Mama.

Their latest concept? Pizzou, the first Made In France pizza in Paris, set up in a former laundromat. Translation. Pizzou is to pizza what Big Fernand is to the burger. A new reference that focuses on world-wide best-sellers aka as the margarita or the 4-cheese in a French version.

Translation: here, no ingredient escapes the rule. Flour, charcuterie, tomato, cheese or vegetable: everything is Made In France.

A burrata, a ricotta or a mozzarella sourced in the Ile de France region? A joke? Certainly not? Its Fabio, the most Italian of French cheese mongers who supplies the house with his cheese, made with good Normandy cow milk in a farm of the Yvelines.

In the plates: the 4 cheese a “Rock 4” with farmer Reblochon, Brie from Meaux AOC, Fourme d’Ambert and flowers of milk (€12). The Calzone morphs into “Pantoufle”, a Régina folded into a slipper crust (€12). Another delight: the “Pique et Pique et Colegram” with spicy sausage from the Aveyron, tomato from Provence, flower of milk and marinated artichokes (€13) or the “Truffe à Régine” with flower of milk from the 4-star farm, cream of truffle, Paris mushrooms, arugula from Barbizon, and ham by the  Huguier brothers (€14).

What about the cooking? Rome or Naples: the crust war will not take place. The Pizzaiolo of the gang has chosen their own tradition. In this case: aveyronnaise with a pasta that rises between 48h and 72h before being baked in the oven at 230 degrès during 2 min 30.

For dessert: a tiramisu with ewe farmer cheese, a Nutella pizza or Gariguette chantilly (€6€).  All to be enjoyed with nice homeland wines, a French-style Spritz (€850) or a Corsican beer, la Pietra (€6)

We adore: the particularly slick and hipster decor, orchestrated by Atelier DCCP. A pretty terrace oriented to the south, an open kitchen where the pizzaiolo will make your mouth water, pink neon, bright garlands, vegetal touches, winter garden. Everything we love.


Open every day lunch and dinner.

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