The best donuts in Paris!

Tea room, the best donuts in Paris

What is the common denominator between Homer Simpson, Dexter and Katy Perry? The donut of course. Front row in the American pop culture, the donut with a hole was never really a hit in France until now. An injustice that the trio of buddies at the head of Petits Donuts intends to repair by opening a dedicated coffee-shop in the High Marais.

A rainbow window-display

Raspberry Donuts and Salted Butter Caramel Donuts in Paris

Everyday, a colourful Pantone of amazing donuts are showcased in the window-display of this mini space with white walls. Each flavour has its own glazing: pink strawberry-blueberry, yellow for the ginger lemon-crumble, green for matcha, orange for salty caramel butter. Tops.. in addition to being pimped like deluxe sedans, these small fried gem rings are not (too) oily.

An intruder has slipped into this gourmet success story: a donut without a hole. It’s the crème brûlée donut, with glazed sugar and torrid vanilla cream, a free interpretation of the iconic Frenchy pastry (€4.20 per donut).

Craftsmaship donuts

Far from industrial productions, Petits Donuts produces craftsmanship baking wonders without additives, nor preservative or artificial aromas and in limited series. It is not rare for the stock to be sold out. So in order not be to be disappointed, take a look on Instagram @lespetitsdonuts.

To say or to take away

decoration of the Tea Room Les petits donuts in Paris

Hungry type As can sit down and wolf down their donut on the spot around a tea or a coffee in the friendly salon set up at the back of the boutique.


Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7:30pm. Sunday from 11am to 6pm. More info on the Facebook page Les Petits Donuts.

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