Lily's Kitchen: the foodie label of good healthy products for dogs and cats

Lilys Kitchen, these are Balanced recipes based on fresh and high quality products adapted for all cats and dogs

Healthy and enjoyable food is the first ally of good health. Gluttony, healthy cuisine, sourcing… Humans no longer have a monopoly on good and beautiful products.

Balanced recipes based on fresh and high quality products suitable for all cats and dogs, adorable packaging in all colors and 85% recyclable, tasty rewards ... The English petfood brand has everything and reinvents the homemade menu , but already all ready!

Stop the industrialist!

The strength of Lily's Kitchen is its terrific, high nutritional value dry kibble and pâté recommended by veterinarians. On the doggie side, nutritional experts have put together recipes made up of botanical herbs packed with vitamins and antioxidants, simmered lamb, venison and wild boar stew or even turkey for the puppies, with prebiotics as a secret ingredient. optimal digestion.

As for tomcats, exit from meat or bone meal. For their good health and a shiny coat, we put everything on a good game stew, chicken, a fish terrine, herbs and chelated minerals for better absorption. We would almost eat it ...

With or without cereals?

Lily's kitchen range for cats

This is THE debate between dog owners, sometimes classified as omnivores, sometimes among carnivores. Is it better to go back to “ cereal-free ” (the “ gluten free ” of dogs) or should we consider that the predatory wolf turned dog has adapted to human diet?

Lily's Kitchen answers the question here and satisfies all opinions by offering a range with OR without cereals, without meat, organic , without chicken, to lose little pounds, for babies, seniors ... There will be something for all needs and appetites.

A treat that replaces toothpaste

Lily's kitchen range for dogs

Any pretext being good to please them, Lily's Kitchen (named after the founder's dog) also offers a great range of rewards: chicken bites, cheese and apple dressage treats , small duck sausages ...

The Rolls-Royce is undoubtedly the Woofbrush chew treat, ideal as a dental treatment based on parsley, coconut oil and fennel, cut in an ideal shape for them that acts as a toothbrush. teeth by removing dental plaque down to the gums. Quite massive, they can easily be cut in half for the smallest dogs who will cut their teeth on them for long minutes… and will (finally) find good breath!

Find it at Animalis, Mustaches,, and many pet stores throughout France.

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