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Produits Italiens Eataly

The best. Italian Slow Food enthusiasts swear by these mind-blowing products. But so far, impossible to find these extraordinary nuggets in Paris and France.

Phew: Eataly Paris Marais offers the world's most cutting-edge selection of the best Italian products ! Better still, with its brand new delivery service throughout France, the favorite foodies references arrive at your home in 24 hours in Paris and the suburbs.

Take a look at new food obsessions to try and order urgently.

The prosecco everyone's talking about

Focus on: Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene . In the extra brut organic sparkling category, it is the nugget that all transalpine wine merchants adore, cultivated in the highly regarded estate of Bianca Vigna in the middle of Marche Trévisane. Notes of lime blossom and Williams pear for an aromatic explosion of the best effect!

Why we love it. These are the bubbles of the moment. A top-quality bottle, a real low-cost alternative to exceptional champagnes.

Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut Bio Bianca Vigna , € 12.80

The sensational charcuterie

Focus on: Bologna Mortadella . The Jabugo can go get dressed. The ultimate darling of fine connoisseurs of signature charcuterie who swoon over this IGP jewel sourced from producer Negrini, who raises his Italian pigs as naturally as possible, and is one of the sentinels of Slow Food.

Why we love it. Because in addition to being one of the best products in the world, it replaces ham and sublimates mash or shellfish like no other. The most wow-fanged madeleine of Proust ever!

Slow Food Negrini Classic Bologna Mortadella 150g , € 3.44

The revenge of panDORO

Zoom on: the Classic Pandoro Tommaso Muzzi . A time neglected by the Frenchies, the pandoro is the most desirable brioche of the moment in Paris. Normal: Eataly offers foodies an haute couture version of the pandoro, signed Tommaso Muzzi, the ultimate reference of Verona finches, considered the best of the Boot.

Why we love it. Besides the fact that it is too good (without raisins or fruits), it is the ideal sharp and posh food gift to give at Christmas.

Pandoro Classic Vintage Tommaso Muzzi 1 kg , € 17.50

The kif of truffle addicts

Focus on: the Cascina Belvedere truffle risotto . This is the trick for knowledgeable lovers! An insane and ultra-sophisticated preparation worthy of the best chefs, based on extraordinary products (summer truffles, fermented rice, extra virgin olive oil, etc.) which allows you to make a space risotto in 15 minutes flat.

Why we love it. The luxury and easy recipe that throws for beginners in the kitchen to always have at the back of a cupboard. In case. To be served with a bottle of Barolo to complete the wow aspect.

Risotto Truffe Cascina Belvedere € 5.90

La meilleure burrata du monde

Focus on: the Ignalat burratina . Foodies whisper his name to each other like a secret to keep like a treasure. Now you are current and we prefer to warn you: you have never tasted like this one. A true artisanal masterpiece, this balanced and never cloying burrata is the new ultimate addiction.

Why we love it. Because its small size makes it an exceptional product even more refined, ideally to mix with caviar or anchovies to explode its milky side and its silky texture.

Burrata Ignalat 125g , € 2.20

The new aperitif snobbery

Focus on: small savory cookies Taralli all'Olio . It is the new absolute star of the aperitivo that we find in the cupboard of any good hostess 2.0 to accompany prosecco and cold meats and improvise a chic dinner when the smala arrives unexpectedly.

Why we love it. Crunchy at will, it's the small artisanal olive oil biscuit that causes a sensation and ideally replaces the focaccia when you run out of fresh bread.

Taralli in extra virgin olive oil 350g , € 5.50

The lethal weapon of pasta-lovers

Focus on: spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri is the favorite label of chefs who sell the best carbo or puttanesca in the country. The specificity of these spaghetti? A format twice as long as the classics, and a particularly porous texture which allows to absorb and retain any type of sauce. Yummy!

Why we love it. Because paired with a box of naturally sweet Datterino tomato sauce, thanks to the tomatoes harvested in the middle of summer and a little olive oil, you will get pasta with tomato like from the best mamma in Italy.

Red peeled Datterino tomato sauce in juice 350g Così Come , € 3.50 and s paghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri 500g , € 4.90

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