Oïshinoya, the star fast-food of Donburi

Oishinoya donburi passage des panoramas

The rice bowl is swag. You still have doubts? Head for Oïshinoya, the new star Japanese fast-food set up in the Marais and Passage des Panoramas is creating the buzz around donburi, watched by the gang from Passage 53 (2 Michelin stars ) and Gyoza Bar.

So what’s the story? Donburi, literally bowl of rice, is to Japan, what the baguette sandwich is to France: an amazing stuff-it-all snack to be mixed together for a very tasty result.

The base? A super chic rice bowl, perfumed with warm broth to be pimped according to 4 options: wagyu beef (top notch meat from Japan) veggie with organic tofu bio or pork from Dordogne. Customize the lot with a daïkon radish or a coddled egg for a very bling touch. On the side, a small miso soup and edamame (soya beans).

The musts? Meats from star butcher Hugo Desnoyer.

The ideal option for lazy bones: Sushi Shop delivers a fab salmon Donburi (14,90€) or beef (very pretty and upscale at home quality for your TV evenings. All the info.

Open Monday to Friday from noon to 2:30pm and from 6:30pm to 11pm. Saturday from noon to 3pm and from 6.30pm to 11pm.

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Where to find it?


24, galerie Montmartre

75002 Paris

Quatre Septembre Quatre Septembre

Bourse Bourse

Richelieu-drouot Richelieu-drouot

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