PH7 Equilibre, the cantina that is good for you

Ph7 Equilibre

Its rainbow plates are already creating sparkles near the Grands Boulevards. The mother-daughter duo formed by Murielle et Claudia clones its acid-base culinary balance concept in the Marais and it’s working.

Quick reminder, at PH7 Equilibre, each dish has the vocation to bring a pH balance to your body. A magical formula for recipes that are more digest, filled with energy, made with organic and no gluten products, everything is vegetarian even vegan… and delicious. A happy-go-lucky lunch break.

It begins with a small attention on the house, a glass of kefir (a fermented drink made with fig and lemon water) offering feel-good purifying virtues. Each day, astronomical quantities oflocally sourced vegetables are peeled, and prepared on site to compose healthy bowls (all cooked, €16), buddha bowls (raw and cooked, €14.50) and XXL plates (raw, €15) with Indian and Mediterranean influences. Example? Cabbage stuffed with vegetables, polenta, taboulé millet/quinoa, carrots with cumin, dahl of coral lentils. Assorted with juices: apple carrot, vitamin ginger.

Out of the question to bypass desserts, with very little sugar and vegan : chocolate cake and topping (€5.50), panna cotta with coconut milk (€5.50). Yummy also, the stunning cream of sweet potato and lemon (€6). A 100% pleasure and healthy experience.

restaurant PH7

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Open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 3pm. Formula starting at €19.

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Where to find it?

PH7 Equilibre

21, boulevard du Temple

75003 Paris

09 83 05 02 88

Republique Republique

Temple Temple

Republique Republique

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