Piccola Mia: The New Festive Italian Table

The italian restaurant Piccola Mia

Do you adore Italy as much as we do? Then head straight to Place de la République to discover Piccola Mia, which has gone big and beautiful on each of its floors. On the menu, an authentically Italian selection crafted in collaboration by Chef Denny Imbroisi and Chef Julien Serri, a pizza expert, and a fantastic 80s-themed club in the basement that will blow your mind! Andiamo!


Three levels, three vibes!

Place de la République has gained a beautiful establishment. Goodbye Pizza Pino, buongiorno Piccola Mia, the latest addition to the Coco family. Entrusted to architect Michael Malapert (Lordy’s, Choucou), Piccola Mia's decor immediately imposes its polished aesthetic in a first space that extends the vast terrace, featuring large communal tables facing the kitchen on one side and an XL counter bar on the other, sending out cocktails at lightning speed. A few steps up, the intimacy of a carpeted room offering a full view of Place de la République from its bay windows and lining up with wide banquettes in alcove mode where you can settle in with family or friends. And to discover the sexiest spot in the venue, head downstairs where the 'Super Club' has made itself at home in a space designed for partying with disco balls, ceiling mirrors, plush carpeting, and a smoking area. While well-chilled cocktails take care of thirst, a menu of antipasti caters to late-night cravings.


The Italy we love on the menu

The menu from Piccola Mia

By entrusting the job to Chef Denny Imbroisi (Ida, Epoca, Malro), who crafted the menu, and by carefully sourcing quality products straight from the boot, cultivated by local producers, Piccola Mia ensures its reputation. In a plethora of options, the menu features classic Italian dishes. To start the feast: burrata served with marinated beetroot carpaccio (€12.50), stracciatella with truffle cream (€16.50), vitello tonnato Piemontese-style (€12.50). As for main courses, pasta takes center stage, from simple spaghettoni al pomodoro (€12) to beautiful linguine alle vongole (€24) and lasagne alla bolognese (€17). Don't miss out on the well-prepared, tender escalope de veau alla milanese (€23). And for a sweet touch, the choice is difficult between tiramisu della nonna (€10) and baba au limoncello with vanilla chantilly (€9).


The good pizzaaaaaaaa

It's among the gems of the place and boasts one of its finest representatives, Chef Julien Serri, founder of Magnà. This pizza expert has delved seriously into the subject by creating a competition-worthy dough with organic Italian flour, very little yeast (thank you for the belly), and again meticulous sourcing with premium charcuterie and juicy Italian tomatoes. In a menu that will allow for new flavors as the seasons change, the pizza already boasts its signature recipes including a "4 saisons" which compartmentalizes each ingredient on one slice (€14) or the "Antica" topped with fior di latte mozzarella, melted mortadella, homemade Sicilian pistachio cream, crushed pistachios, and drizzled with lemon-infused oil (€18).


Nota bene for the kids

A superb menu at a very gentle price, featuring a baby margherita or pasta pomodoro, pizza alla nocciolata or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, plus a drink of your choice (€12).

Open Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 2 am.

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