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Carrot Pancake

A very Carrot Cake version of the Pancake

The yellow lemon/green lemon batter

Squeeze ½ yellow lemon and ½ green lemon to extract the juice. In a salad bowl, pour the liquid cream, the cream cheese, the lemon juices and the icing sugar. Mix with an electric whisk to obtain an airy cream and place in the icebox.

The pancakes batter

Wash, peel and mix the carrots. In the mixer, chop the pecan nuts and the nuts.

Preheat your pan on an average. Separate the egg whites from the yolks in two salad bowls. Mix the yolks, the milk and the oil using a whisk. Add the flour, the cinnamon, the fours spices and the sugar then whip until the batter is smooth.  Add the carrots and the nuts. Mix well and set aside. With an electric whisk, beat the egg whites into snow peaks and incorporate them in the batter with a spatula.

Cooking the pancakes and presentation

Slightly oil your pan and pour the batter with a ladle order to form pancakes with a 10 cm diameter. As soon as the bubbles appear, turn it over with a spatula. Once cooked, allow to cool down a little.

In a plate, place a carrot pancake, spread with the yellow lemon/green lemon cream. Repeat the operation. Place the 3rd carrot pancake. With the help of spoons, create a lemon cream quenelle. Decorate with the dried fruit and lemon zests.



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Organic eggs: 2

Cream cheese: 140g

Liquid fresh cream: 50g

Organic milk: 135 ml

Raisin pit oil: 10ml

Organic wheat flour: 125g

Brown cassonade sugar: 30g

Icing sugar: 30g for the cream

Ground cinnamon: 0.5g

4 spices mix: 2g

Pecan nuts: 25g

Whole shelled hazelnuts: 25g

Mix of dried fruit

Oil for the pan

Carrots: 120g

Yellow organic lemon: 1

Green lemon: 1

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