The cookie factory

Cookies with white chocolates, red berries and choco-hazelnuts

For quiches in the cuisine, a fab solution ! Pretty little glass bottles just as pretty to look at as they are to nibble on.

Inside? The perfect kit for real US style cookies à with amazing chef ingredients such as deluxe smarties by real chocolatiers.

Empty the lot in a pan, add an egg and a little butter… super easy. The result is 15 delicious cookies, impossible to miss. And you man will think you are ready for him to slip you the ring.

The must ? The white & red fruit chocolates or the nutty chocolate. A must for your foodista girl friends.

Where to find them ? All over  Paris, for example at Cupcakerie de Chloé. All the addresses here:

Mon Kit Cookies 12,50€

Our super good idea? Play and win a cookie kit !

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