The 5 not-to-be-missed new decoration trends

Tendance Deco

Velvet, a touch of black, felted or padded fabrics, transparency as total look, enhanced with furniture featuring modulable and practical pieces… This season is very much about comfort and more more comfort. Well it seems the Maison et Objet 2017 obsession is setting the tone. Follow the guide!


canape ikea decoration

Its cool potential

After comfort food: hurray for comforting design... It’s the new big trend spotted at the Maison & Objet 2017 fair… Pink flamingos, penguins, rabbits, porcupines open up their arms to you so you can forget daily dresss. Now is the time for generous wraparound shapes. Felt, well-padded materials, quilted materials offer a pretty nest conducive to meditation and slow-life. In short: your house is now a refuge, a cocoon.

How to do it at home?

Accumulate lots of cushions, plaids and thick carpets to make our interiors warmer. Pastel colors, beige, white go along with a low-key and even softer spirit.

The indispensable to shop?

The PS sofa at Ikea with its 36 white or blue polka cushions. Ikea PS 2017, à 415,64 €.

VELVET in our living room

velours canape hotel providence

Its cool potential

Seventies, chic and soft, it gives our interiors real style, great singularity. While it partakes in the cocooning wave, it also recalls the Art Deco spirit, opulent and elegant such as the super cool English label House of Hackney, well-known for having dressed up the Hotel Providence. All the info on www.houseofhackney.com.

How to do it at home?

The traditional velvet sofa must become the main element of the living room, but you need to choose it in rather dark overtones to keep the chic spirit. It goes very well with brass, marble and mahogany. And why not a good looking Rosso mirror by Fritz Hansen or the reedition of the birdy lamps at Northern Lightning, for €299 on madeindesign.com.

The indispensables to shop?

The ultra-chic Circus pouf for €460 and the Ace armchair for €1210 by Normann Copenhagen on madeindesign.com.

Go for BLACK, the new color of elegance

noir salon inspiration decoration

Its cool potential

For a long time considered austere, the new black offers, in touches or as a total look, an elegant and urban ambiance. It brings rigor, sobriety and balance to interiors, whether in a living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom with floor or mural tiling.

How to do it at home?

Black, which in fact has never really been a colour, mingles all the better with a very trendy colour such as duck blue, pine green, mustard yellow or powder pink. In a more minimalistic and Scandinavian spirit, it goes very well with wood and cement. In these cases, you must dare paint your walls to create a special world, give the room its own identity.

For those who are not quite ready: better to start with small touches, it enables to make architectures stand out, such as stairs, mouldings, door frames. Then just add small black objects to create an echo effect.

The indispensables to shop?

We cannot resist the classic living room table by Normann Copenhagen, for €1075. Easier to put together: an accumulation of small trinkets, plates (€27 for the big ones, €22 for the small ones) and a ceramic (€55) pitcher, Succession at Petite Friture, the most cool and snobby design label of the moment! Sold at Bon Marché and on www.petitefriture.com.


transparence meuble decoration

Its cool potential

To capture light and alleviate space, nothing like a transparent piece of furniture. In glass, plastic or Plexiglas, these materials all play perfectly with reflections and increase volumes. A clever fashion trick for small flats and lack of space.

How to do it at home?

Bubble overhead suspensions, vases, modular tables, it is used for all kinds of furniture. The advantage of this material is that you can use is whenever you want! A set of chairs around the living room table, a totally translucid chandelier…

The indispensables to shop?

Of course, the cult Marie Transparente for €222 at Kartell available at Madeindesign.com or Louis Ghost pieces that show not a single wrinkle since the 70’s... We dare to go a little wild for the tricolored vase at &Tradition for €402 or the bubble lamp Bob by Dan Yeffet at €385.


modulable tendance deco

Its cool potential

Modulable, nomade, adaptable. Such are the marching orders of up and coming furniture: the idea is adapting to a new generation that is never in the same place. A design that one keeps for one’s self, no matter where you are and that can be adapted according to your whims.

How to do it at home?

Many sites, such as Sculpture Jeux, opt for this spirit. Shelf one day, it’s a rack the next, an object of decoration the following month, Unit is a system of modulable storages with a wide array of colours, finishings, dimensions enabling multiple configurations.

Go check it out at Sentou Le Marais, 29 rue Francois Miron. All the info on www.sculpturesjeux.com

The indispensable to shop?

The new hot design house, Point D, is offering the Couchino couch of Margaux Keller, with the possibility of a wide array of differents cushions to be used as you please. It’s your Saint Laurent tuxedo in a decorating version. €2600

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