Clubhouse, the most popular new social network of the moment

Clubhouse is a voice chat platform providing free access to live conferences

No image, no hashtag, no DM, the new social network everyone is talking about breaks the codes with a 100% vocal approach ... and it works! Oprah Winfrey , Virgil Abloh , Xavier Niel and Omar Sy are already among the VIP users. Want to join their conversations? We enlighten you on Clubhouse .

An app that makes noise

Launched in March 2020 by two engineers from Silicon Valley, Clubhouse is a voice chat platform giving free access to live conferences inrooms ” with a capacity of 5,000 people.

In short, it's like a convention center open 24 hours a day. The only conditions to be part of it: to be on iOs (iPhone or iPad) and to have an invitation , because for the moment Clubhouse is based on the co-option of its members.

How do I get a Clubhouse invitation?

You don't have your precious sesame yet? It can be arranged! “ A support system has been set up on other networks ”, testifies Amin Bouhassoune, co-founder of the educational creation studio Dix Mille Heures and of the Maker Side podcast, which organizes a room every week to help newcomers. to integrate.

His advice? “ Start by downloading the app. Clubhouse will send a notification to your contact book and if a valid person, you return without toasting a user's invitation ”. Because to control the flow of new arrivals, invitations are subject to quotas.

What are we talking about on Clubhouse?

Each room displays a subject. “ Initially, the subjects were very tech and start-up because of the audience, some speak of an audio LinkedIn . But with the arrival of new users, we find more chilled discussions, like in a bar ”, explains Amin Bouhassoune. Examples? The benefits of intermittent fasting, how to launch a side-project in parallel with your job, but also live DJ sets.

Concretely, on Clubhouse , we can talk about everything, with everyone. “ It allows you to chat with people you would never have met in real life, ” enthuses Dikom Bakang-Tonje, co-founder of Dear Muesli, the Lucky Day podcast and the Lucky Day Club on Clubhouse .

Clubhouse, fashion phenomenon or revolutionary tool?

What will the future be like for Clubhouse in the months and years to come? The bets are open. “ For the moment, it's too early, we are in the wave, everyone is talking about it everywhere ”, tempers Amin Bouhassoune.

Either way, its potential is very real. “ I think Clubhouse can last over time, the concept is really innovative and clearly has its place. It could allow subjects to emerge much more easily than on other networks, such as health for example ”, suggests Katinka Nagy, founder of the digital communication agency Kikoff Agency . Dikom Bakang-Tonje agrees: “ With the presidential elections looming, things will go crescendo.

So, do we register or do we skip our turn?

In the current context, Clubhouse is an effective way to overcome the lack of social interactions. On the other hand, all the people questioned warn about the time-consuming nature of the app . “ It is a real time consumer, as much or more than Instagram. A room can easily last 3 hours ”, warns Katinka Nagy. Same story for Amin Bouhassoune: “ At the beginning, I spent 40 hours a week there! Now I limit myself to 4-5 hours a week ”. It's up to you if you want to join the club!

Clubhouse, free to download from AppleStore .

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