A festival of series for kids

Festival Serie Series Kids

And what if we finally got the kids to set aside their tablets with enthusiasm? Purpose of the outing: discovering all their favourite next series.

Série series kids is a little like Cannes for little ones. An amusing festival conceived for kids less than 12 years old, where you can discover on a large screen all the novelties, series and cartoons as a family—with guaranteed air conditioning. 

The rendezvous takes place in Fontainebleau during an entire day of projections, workshops and encounters. The must? Everything is free. Translation: quickly book your seats!


On the programme 

The spirit of this rendezvous? A new animated series programming that might just push aside Arthur and minimoys, The Snow Queen or Peppa Pig

On the agenda: Mike, une vie de chien, Apollon le Grillon and Drôles de Petites Bêtes, projection and encounter with Jean-Michel Super Caribou and many others.

Also take advantage of a writing and acting workshop, around the series L'arbre à Palimpseste with Raphaël Lourenço and Ingrid Agbo as well as other members of the team.


The workshops

More than just a plain program, Série Series Kids unveils to kids the backstage of aux series. The comedian directors of the programmes will be there during 3 days to onpass their passion to young ones. 

There will notably be film director Pauline Pinson, who will be present for the projection of Jean-Michel Super Caribou, film director Nicolas Deveaux, who will present Athleticus and also Jessica Lord, actress, who will be there to present Léna, rêve d'étoile.

The workshops will start with the projection of the short. Then there will be explanations, , anecdotes and many other topics… explaining how the series was put together. The teams and the kids will also partake in questions-answers games. These activities will enable the kids to play where using their critical sense. 


Mini-holidays in Fontainebleau

And since you are coming to Fontainebleau, you might as well treat yourself to a day off with your Navigo pass, directly from Gare de Lyon on the R line to the Fontainebleau-Avon train station

Before or after the series, go to the château that is only 15 minutes away from the cinemas by foot, have a picnic along the carp pond. A dream. 

Série Series kids from the 1st to the 3rd of July, at Cinéma Ermitage and Ciné Paradis, free.  

Reserve your places on: www.weezevent.com

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