La Bossue, the most “cake filled” brunch in Paris

bar of La Bossue restaurant and brunch of the la bossue in Paris

Pink praline brioche, French toast, madeleines, carrot cake, chocolate mousse. Ready for more? Cream with eggs, raspberry jam, financiers, viennoiseries

And it’s like this every weekend at La Bossue, a killer. In her darling old style sugar shack, Caroline whips up wild far-flung cakes and sweets from another era. And everything, absolutely everything is homemade.

For 23,50€, you have full access to the XXL brunch, that also includes croque-monsieur and salads for salty types, with warm drinks and fresh orange juice. In short, a programmed orgy for all those with a sweet tooth.

Only downer? No reservations, so better show up before noon and prefer Saturdays.

Open Wednesday to Friday from 8:30pm to 7pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am to 7pm.

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