The secret hideout of a top chef for 44€ at Passage

La Cachete Secrete D Un Tres Grand Chef A 44 Au Passage

Here is a super-confidential address that Parisiennes only whisper to their best friends. On the last floor of his great restaurant, the super famous Alain Senderens has imagined a very design dining room with gilding and wall paneling for inside track gourmets.

Imagine a secret gourmet apartment one reaches through Passage de la Madeleine. Just push on the intercom and climb up the stairs, as though you were gaining access to a private club for foodistas in the know.

We love: the 44€ lunch formula that the great chef offers every day. We are totally into accessible cuisine.

The nibbles + appetizer + dish + dessert menu (44 €) varies in keeping with the products on the market and the inspiration of the moment. An example? Ravioli of mousseron mushroom, cappuccino of chestnut, followed by a cheek of veal with lemongrass and mashed carrots along with a mint minestrone menthe with papaya for the sweet touch. To be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine selected from the nice selection (starting at 9 €).

Open 7/7 from noon to 2h45pm and from 7h30pm to 10h45pm

Reservations by phone at or by e-mail at restaurant@senderens.fr refering to : « Pour le Marché du Lucas »

Photo credit : les ateliers apicius


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Where to find it?

Au Passage

1bis Passage Saint-Sébastien

75011 Paris

01 43 55 07 52


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