Lafayette's: We Tried Mory Sacko's New Restaurant

The Lafayette's restaurant by Mory Sako in Paris

There are openings that excite you more than others. So, when star chef Mory Sacko, freshly adorned with a cover feature in Time (just that!), brings his global cuisine to the extraordinary setting of Moma Group's new restaurant, we're front and center to tell you all about it.


An Exceptional Decor

The menu of the restaurant Lafayette by Mory Sacko

Welcome to the former residence of Marquis Gilbert de La Fayette, a hero of the American War of Independence and close associate of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. He was also the author of the first Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1789. Not just a passing noble, indeed. Could this historical figure have imagined that his mansion would become, in 2023, one of the most sought-after dining destinations in Paris? Perhaps so. Supported by a group known for its sense of celebration (Manko, Lapérouse, L’Arc - it's Moma), the establishment pays homage to the most renowned parties hosted by La Fayette in his beloved 8 rue d’Anjou.

To enhance the walls steeped in history, Spanish interior architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán has scoured antique dealers for tapestries, old paintings, benches, and mirrors—delicate anachronisms complemented by a curated collection of mismatched dishes chosen by the chef himself. If the service teams weren't dressed in two-piece suits, we might lose track of which century we're in!


Plates with Character

No need to reiterate the African and Asian influences that have become the signature of Mory Sacko. Drawing from the best of MoSuke's Michelin-starred chef, his cleverly crafted menu for Lafayette’s playfully nods to the Marquis's journey in the New World, sprinkling winks to Cajun cuisine. In a decidedly baroque atmosphere, you can indulge in a marinated mango salad with Jerk spices, avocado, coriander, and lime (€24), a succulent Cajun salmon with coleslaw (€38), a memorable yellow Landes chicken supreme with a heavenly Mafé sauce (€37), or a sweet potato curry with lime, basil, and fragrant rice (€32), to be paired with alloco, those irresistible fried and spiced plantains.

For those leaning towards a more comforting cuisine that will appeal to fans of well-executed classics (no judgment: a craving for steak and fries can't be denied), you'll find an incredible langoustine crudo with passion fruit vinaigrette (€32), oysters (€18), a Maison Vérot signature pâté en croûte (with a touch of yassa, €18), or an appetizing cheeseburger (€32). Fresh for dessert: a lovely pineapple in syrup crafted into a flower with lime sorbet (€16). Ideal for incognito stars within us: a private lounge at the back of the room for an intimate dinner or a small group celebration (up to 12 people).

Open from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. Closed on Saturday for lunch and all day on Sunday.

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