The home delivered shoemaker-dry cleaner


We have all dreamed for the shoemaker of the dry cleaner to come pick up and deliver our things et you are too lazy to drop off? Joséphine is a new governess, who takes care or your laundry and  shines your pretty shoes, even better than Dorota for the cult Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf.

How to go about it: just sign up on line. Shirts to launder, shoes to shine? Just tell her where you want to have them picked up and redelivered:  at home, at the office, at the hairdresser, at the gym club... Pick up and delivery are free, and in 48h flat you’ll be all set!

Tops : their flexible hours (7h am to 9pm).

The added plus: at each delivery, a small gift (bread, chouquette...).

Count 3,50 € for a dry-cleaned shirt, 2,50 € to iron. a shirt and 12 € for a shoeshine.

Information and signing up on jointhecity

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