The devilish sherbet by Henri Leroux

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We all know Henri Leroux, the famous Breton from Quiberon. Quite normal, he’s the clever inventor of “CBS” aka Caramel with salty butter, whose star products are cult, starting with caramel spread or his salty butter ice cream that is to die of pleasure.

While the recipe has been copied, plagiarized etc... this ice and caramel man is a true magician when it comes to sweet treats! And we have proof with his latest creation : THE PINK DEVIL.

What is it? A pink, girly and sexy sorbet made with passion fruit, banana and raspberry, concocted with a real mix of seasonal fruit. A pure marvel of delicacy and freshness (5,50€ for 140ml).

Where do you find it ? In the 9th & 7th arrondissements of Paris, Odéon and of course Quiberon. All his boutiques on chocolatleroux

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Where to find it?

Henri Leroux

52 rue Saint-Dominique

75007 Paris

01 82 28 49 84

Invalides Invalides

Invalides Invalides

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