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Japanese storage guru Marie Kondo can go brush her hair (#NoOffense). A new method, much more suited to the reality of our ultra-connected consumer society, has just appeared in the organization department. Theorized by Véronique Lebon , consultant and French storage coach , in her book Le Cercle Vertueux du Tri (Hachette editions), the 7 needs technique aims to declutter our interiors and lighten our spirits. Demonstration.

Do not confuse sorting and storage

If you think you're going to get away with scattering your stack of books / magazines / clothes / or whatever, all over the place, you are putting your finger in the eye. Véronique Lebon immediately supports where it hurts: “ tidying up without sorting [..] is like stirring air ”.

Translation, tidying up which consists only of moving objects is not the solution. The secret to effective decluttering lies in sorting. To choose is to give up, be ready.

The fundamental question: do I really need it?

This is the key to the 7 needs technique : “ keep only objects that we need either because they are useful to us or because we like them ”. Unlike Marie Kondo's method, it is no longer a question of taking into account the joy that this or that object can give us, but of our needs and that changes everything. As soon as an element no longer meets one of your needs, it has nothing to do with you, you have to get rid of it. You still have to recognize your needs ...

The 7 capital needs

Véronique Lebon identifies 7 categories of universal needs : the need for information (books, papers, paperwork), the need for clothing (clothes and accessories), the need for food (food, tableware, household appliances), need for maintenance (hygiene and household products), the need for entertainment (TV, consoles, gadgets), intangible needs (emails, apps, photos) last but not least the emotional need (valuables sentimental).


This typology of the 7 needs is used as a basis for sorting. Concretely, the categories must be treated one after the other in the order mentioned above. And when it comes time to tackle one of the 7 needs, you must first collect all the elements that come into your field.

Example? Once all your papers are organized, it's time to move on to the clothes. Véronique Lebon recommends storing ALL your clothes on a bed before sorting, so that you only keep those you need.

Benefits of the operation

Sorting your belongings by category has many advantages: easily identifying duplicates (two almost similar jackets, three pie servers), decluttering the superfluous to surround yourself only with things that we like or that are useful to us.

The result is a gain in space, better organization and a more global awareness, even a total questioning of our way of consuming. What if from now on, we bought less, but better?

The virtuous circle of sorting by Véronique Lebon, Hachette editions, € 14.95. More info on .

Couverture du livre Le Cercle Vertueux du Tri de Véronique Lebon

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