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The handbag . The ultimate accessory of the fashionable Parisian, it is for her a part of the body, an extension of the arm, a great friend of the coat, a member of the family. If you too are suffering from this style addiction , here is a selection of the most beautiful bag labels of the moment. Graphic, colorful, vegan, rock, patterned or fringed, we would all adopt them at home if our wardrobe weren't cracking as much as we are.

The most Mediterranean: Hereu

La marque de sac Heureustudio met l’artisanat méditerranéen au cœur de leurs collections.

The brand: putting Mediterranean craftsmanship at the heart of their collections is the goal of José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano for their Spanish brand Hereu . Braided, padded, cut leather, organic cotton work… The models are made by small workshops that work the skins like no one else.

The cult pieces: the Espiga in lambskin worn on the shoulder with braided handles (€ 400), its Mini version to be carried by hand or over the shoulder (€ 345), its little brother Bombon in shearling (€ 315), the Trena woven leather phone pouch (€ 245) or the Cala S tote bag in wool and leather with maxi handle (€ 340)


The softest: Mizele

La marque Mizèle n'utilise que des matières naturelles

The brand: a brother, a sister, alpaca , cashmere , cotton , leather and lurex . That's about all it took (with talent, too) for Grégory and Laetitia to create Mizele , the French brand that gives us the desire for warm materials for winter. Or how to create a real identity by using only natural and sublime materials. Hat!

Cult pieces: a hand-crocheted alpaca purse (€ 350), a shiny lurex tote bag (€ 345), an adorable little alpaca and cashmere tote (€ 295) or a bucket bag with leather harness (445 €).


The most latina: Audette

Audette, la marque latina

The brand: thought in Paris and manufactured in small workshops specializing in leather in Mexico City in Italian skins, the creations of Aude and Charles for Audette are a concentrate of good humor and embody with pep the frenzied fiestas of there in frank tones of red, blue and green and signature half-moon cutouts.

The cult pieces: the adorable Red Mini Night with integrated mirror (€ 212), the Lilac Night to wear on the shoulder 2000's style (€ 279), the Oval color block olive and cream (€ 339) or the Cabas , a sky blue leather tote bag to stuff all your stuff (398 €).


The most pastel: Mietis

Mietis, la nouvelle marque barcelonaise à suivre

The brand: dubbed by Spanish Vogue , Mietis asserts itself as THE new Barcelona brand to follow. In addition to the clothing collection that fashion influencers like Blanca Miró love, her luxury bags made in small factories across the country are an ode to color, with pride of place given to pastel and very graphic designs.

Cult pieces: the mint green water-based Marieta inspired by a doctor's case (€ 490), the bright red Tatu with rounded lines (€ 590), the sky blue Mini Angie designed as a beauty vanity (€ 490) or the lemon yellow Blossom worn on the shoulder which reminds us of the heyday of the baguette bag (390 €).


The most vegan: Rive Claire

La marque 100 % cruelty free Rive utilise uniquement des matières naturelles comme le coton bio, la matière végane AppleSkin à base de pomme ou encore en paille de Vienne.

The brand: fed with the love of the handbag in her mother's leather goods store, Audrey surrounded herself with women to imagine a brand in line with her values. Born in 2018, Rive Claire is committed to 100% cruelty free creations using only natural materials such as organic cotton, the vegan AppleSkin material made from apple or even Vienna straw.

The cult pieces: the chic white and black Dune satchel (€ 425), its sportier little sister (€ 330), the Bali cane bucket bag (€ 550) or even the Nomad camera bag to take on board every day (€ 345) .


Cheapest: JW PEI

La marque JW Pei fait des petits prix avec des matière qualitatives comme le cuir végane, et du plastique recyclé

The brand: collective hysteria on Instagram. Fashionistas around the world have recently been snapping up the ultra-creative bags of JW Pei , straight from Los Angeles . Its core strengths? An ultra-modern aesthetic inspired by the catwalks and the years 90-2000, but above all the mini mini mini prices despite rather quality materials such as vegan leather and materials made from recycled plastic .

The cult pieces: the Eva croco-style baguette bag (€ 75 on sale at € 25), the pretty light green Mini Flap with shoulder strap (€ 95 on sale at € 40), the Bi-material envelope bag worthy of Celine (€ 95 on sale) at 40 €), the Square nano-bag in a box covered with purple lizard (35 € on sale at 25 €) or the Rantan inspired by Japanese backpacks (95 €) and lots of pretty shoulder straps to hang up to vary the pleasures (from 4 €).


The most briefcase: Ozias

Différents formats et plusieurs couleurs dont le blanc, le noir, le bleu ciel et le rose Lafayette.

The brand: passed to Chanel and Louis Vuitton , the very young Marc Ozias dreamed of being a designer of bags since his earliest childhood spent in the Jura mountains. He launched himself and set up his own bag label in 2020. Obsessed by the forests of his childhood, he is now working to revive the classic wooden trunk on modern silhouettes.

The cult pieces: the trunk , therefore, made to order in his Parisian workshop and which comes in several formats and four colors, white, black, sky blue and baby pink. The Mini Mini is worn like a jewel (180 €), the 7L is adorned with reinforcements at the corners (590 €), the Mini Suitcase is a real scale model of travel trunks (700 €) and, to top it all off, the Can Holder comes to ennoble the pressing desires of a good Coke Light (85 €).



The most nano: Han Wen

La marque de petits sac Han Wen

The brand: addicted to tiny bags? Han Wen will know how to satisfy the girls who do not like to bother. The New York brand, created by a very young Chinese man who made the buzz at Milan fashion week (do you still follow?) Never ceases to fill the fashion editorials of the most cutting-edge magazines with its pretty little bags. both unnecessarily small and utilitarian in their inspiration. In short, a whim to afford absolutely.

The cult pieces: one bag, two chains each time, three sizes and loads of options. The large Naomi is worn like a resolutely graceful baguette bag (around € 360), the Mini Naomi adapts to your desires with its modular straps (around € 277) and the Naomi Nano , too cute, is a Luxury box for storing keys and phone (around € 210).


The most VIP: Strathberry

La marque Strathberry très originale dans ses créations

The brand: a little darling of British influencers, the Strathberry brand comes straight from Edinburgh . We better understand the daring that is found in each of these highly original creations that have already seduced Lady Gaga , Meghan Markle , Katie Holmes or even Coco Rocha and Heidi Klum (excuse a little). In short, it would be time in France to convert to these little jewels recognizable among a thousand by their golden metallic bar.

The cult pieces: if the Duchess of Sussex no longer leaves her bottle green East / West Mini (€ 509), the Box Crescent shoulder strap is more practical (€ 509 on sale at € 407), the Blossom looks like a box of noodles in take-away (€ 765 on sale at € 612) when the Biscuit Bag , our favorite, is so beautiful and precious that it should be displayed under glass in your living room (€ 1,154).


The most anticipated: Roberto di Stefano

La marque Roberto di Stephano fait des sacs à main de luxe, mais 100 % végans

The brand: we start all over again! Already recognized for his previous collections, the Italian Roberto di Stefano is relaunching his brand with a whole new identity: luxury handbags, but 100% vegan. Fashion editors are stamping their feet while waiting for the launch of its e-shop in early December.

The cult pieces: no price to communicate for the moment, it is a case to follow. We will nevertheless find several versions of its minimal model with rope handle, mirror closure, eco-friendly and durable faux leather made from cactus and tones that pay tribute to the ocean.


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