Dare the cocktail bar !

Bar A Cocktail

The absolute snobbism? Play the chic and British touch by setting up a cocktail bar just like Kate Moss and Jamie Hince for their wedding that remains the absolute la reference for an elegant and swag ceremony....

Cool cats, kids and your favorite old uncle, fan of the famous Whisky Sour… Everyone adores the “happening” spirit of this feel-good workshop that always creates the surprise while conveying good humor—especially if the mixologist knows how to shake up the atmosphere and why not more...A fun option that allows you to offer potions with high added value and without alcohol (always appreciated by your pregnant friends)

The must ? Imagining a signature cocktail just like trendy speakeasies. All the information to create your signature cocktail

You don’t have the budget for a barman? Dare the Spritz, Pimm’s Champagne or white Sangria bar (the new buzzing drink) that requires no potion pro...

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