Polpette: torrid pasta and pizzas like in Naples

Torrid? Even hotter than you think. This charming Neapolitan restaurant with a super slick decor (blue tiling, millennial pink armchairs, brass fixtures) is lodged in a former swingers club of Pigalle!

And if you are asking yourself the question, the cage (yes you read this correctly) is a vestige of the past. The object of all the desires, on the other hand, has changed a great deal.

Specialties from the southern part of the Boot

It’s the little madeleine Emmanuelle Duquesnoy, ex-lawyer, who dropped everything to open the Italian restaurant she was dreaming of. The recipe for “polpettes” comes from her Neapolitan grandmother in whose house she spent her summer holidays. The result is two large and savoury meatballs in an impeccable tomato sauce, served just like at home with rigatoni ( no gluten option) and a nice green salad (€18).

The other must-test specialities ? Arancini with truffle (€8), gnocchetti with clamps (€20) and the fish all’acqua pazza (literally wild water), cooked in water before being pan fried with olive oil, parsley, cherry tomatoes and garlic (€19).

And let’s not forget the pizza oven running full blast. The one with mortadella and pistacchio is amazing (€17). Still rare in Paris, the fried pizza stuffed with smoked mozzarella is part of the musts (€16). And of course, all this deserves a Spritz (€8) or an Italian wine (€6-12), no?

A secret karaoke

Having dinner while singing La Felicità, this is possible in the karaoke room hidden below, accessible by reservation for up to 20 persons.

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Open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner.

Julie Zwingelstein

Where to find it ?


41-43 Rue de la Rochefoucauld

75009 Paris

01 42 81 00 17


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