Plant decoration: the madness of apartment gardens

Potager Appartement

A true emblem of Scandinavian slow life , Ready to Push apartment gardens are the ideal containment ally for decorating your apartment , boosting productivity and having small vegetables and herbs available 24 hours a day in locavore mode. A brilliant and resolutely hygge concept, as stylish as it is easy to maintain.

Pocket vegetable garden

Between confinement and telecommuting, “ urban farmers ” will be delighted to spend time at home with this real little green wall to wedge against a wall like a painting, on a table or in the kitchen to improve your best recipes.

On hand all year round: chives to spice up your omelet, pretty little edible flowers to instagram your homemade spring rolls, coriander for a sandwich with Asian notes, Moroccan mint to infuse like tea or more parsley for a real Lebanese tabbouleh. It's a real world tour in your apartment!

Plant to work better

Faire pousser de la ciboulette, des fleurs comestibles, de la coriandre, de la menthe marocaine et du persil dans son appartement

Imagine that greenery, by increasing the feeling of well-being (cuckoo dopamine ), increases creativity and productivity at work by 15%. So put your plants in the field of vision of the next Zoom meeting to show that you are fully into it, #homeoffice. Long live productive containment!

How it works ?

The brilliant idea of Ready to grow is to have inserted the seeds (organic and French, obviously ) and the ready-made nutrients in a capsule inserted in a float , the water of which is simply changed every two or three weeks. The plants will develop their roots there thanks to a luminaire which reproduces the sunlight, turns on and off automatically. And that's all !

Even “ black hands ” no longer have the excuse of hazardous watering: your only action will be to recharge the biodegradable capsule every three months. Too easy, we tell you.

Indoor vegetable gardens Prêt à Pousser , Lilo and Modulo range from € 99.99, on sale on, Amazon and in Fnac, Darty, Boulanger stores. Capsules from € 2.95

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