Alain Miam Miam's sandwiches now available in click & collect

Alain Miam Miam from the Enfants rouges market with the click and collect system

You have inevitably already heard of Alain Miam Miam . For more than 10 years, Alain Roussel's Red Children market stand, a true figure of the Marais, has been the object of much envy. And for good reason. This ex-shrink converted to couture street food had understood the equation of street food success + very good products before the others…

A star at the Enfants Rouges market

Here, we are no longer surprised to see a Japanese woman with millions of followers or the fashion editors of a major American magazine typing an hour in line to have the right to be!

Phew! No need to tackle the cold or the crowd to try one of his star sandwiches. Alain has finally decided to open a canteen with more flexible hours on rue Charlot. Behind the counter, the nerd-bitch continues to do the show and deal ... You can even sit down comfortably to have a snack.

Cult recipes for 13 years

Option 1. A veggie cone: a gluten-free pancake (with or) filled with goat cheese, avocado, salad, lemon zest, small seeds as we like ... particularly coveted by twigs from the Marais and healthy girls from all over the world ( € 9.50).

Option 2. 100% foodporn: a dripping pastrami sandwich (€ 9.50) or a smoked trout version exploding the calories but even… You might as well do it here. It is simply unheard of.

Note: here, regionalisms are pampered. Alain serves a socca to make the Niçois pale and a salted butter pancake worthy of all Breton fantasies. To the best of my mind.

The new click & collect service

Note: to avoid the queue (Covid requires), Alain has just set up a click & collect system via joinpulp.web . You can also scan the QR code as you walk past your favorite canteen and keep the saved link for later in your phone.

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Where to find it?

Chez Alain Miam Miam

26 rue Charlot

75003 Paris

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