Telecommuting: how to set up an inspiring office at home?

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Season 2 of L'Appartement #MerciLesPlantes is coming to Do It! In 2020, this event takes on a 100% digital form, but still inspiring. This week, Do It In Paris and #MerciLesPlantes unveil a new room in this apartment, in the form of a 2.0 office updated in telework mode ...

First back-to-school challenge: rethinking your office . After spending hours, days, months (# confinement ) and with the boom in teleworking , there is no doubt: we must reinvest the space to feel good (better) and adapt to this new way of life .

Difficult to separate personal and professional life in a small Parisian apartment ... Unless you are inspired by hygge , the Danish art of living, to shape an interior cocoon made from plants with a thousand virtues and pretty natural materials .

Tour of the various decorative tips for a more zen working environment.

Delimit your workspace

Isolation du coin bureau avec un Monstera et un Calathéa XXL MercilesPlantes

Working non-stop from your sofa, with the pajamas from the day before and the bowl of cereal lying casually to the side, it is the assurance of getting lost between private and professional life. In short, bad idea. To live your telework serenely, it is imperative to set up a dedicated space and isolate your office area.

The good combination #MerciLesPlantes: a big screen rattan and bamboo heather on Selency (150 €) mixed with a beautiful Calathea relaxing and monstera XXL height while giving the pleasant sensation of a garden. A little paradise that preserves your computer, charger and files, once the working day is over.

Stock up on plants to combat stress

The most cutting-edge concept stores have already grasped the point by combining extremely chic furniture and flamboyant greenery: a mix and match that has it all. In addition to being a good decorative plan, plants can considerably reduce stress . Supporting scientific evidence: “ Plants make our urban environment more attractive, which has a positive effect on reducing stress, ” says Charlotte Lelieveld of Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) in the Netherlands. Bingo!

The right combination #MerciLesPlantes : we accumulate on our desk jasmine and lavender which diffuse a sweet Provençal scent like Indian summer , all coiled in a pretty light garland (€ 9.50) for a comfy atmosphere.

The cactus against bad vibes

To perfect your cocoon space and ensure that never, oh never, disorder and bad mood set in there, stock up on storage areas by focusing on natural materials (wicker baskets, terracotta planters and raw wood furniture) to enhance its detox plants with depolluting superpowers.

The right combination #MerciLesPlantes : a nice marble desk if you have room versus a light wood board to be fixed to the wall for smaller spaces. Small cacti are placed there which help to clean up electromagnetic waves next to their computer and a few baskets in water hyacinth (€ 69 for a set of two baskets) from Made for an always on point desk.

Plantes détox cactus MercilesPlantes aux pouvoirs dépolluant

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