The serial embroiderer who brings the maps of Paris up to date

Audrey Demarre dedicates herself to the art of thread

Between publishing and embroidery, the choice was not obvious. After ten years of service, Audrey Demarre plaque Gallimard to devote herself to the art of thread and, without knowing it, to follow in the footsteps of his seamstress grandmother.

The idea of embroidering to illustrate comes to him while planking on a publication about Inès de la Fressange . She began to identify the outlines of silhouettes with a black thread on paper, fine-tuned her technique, added color, drawings and invented maps of Paris based on anecdotes and intimate adventures.

Plans according to your personality

Embroidered map of Paris

Entrust her with your favorite addresses and places, she will hasten to weave your personal geography on both sides of the Seine. “I like the idea of imagining a territory according to your life, your tastes or events. One day, a great traveler asked me to do her Paris, I put the Corcovado in place of the Eiffel Tower . The city has the face you lend it. ”

Series of embroidered rugs by Audrey Demarre

His embroidery also caught the eye of Tacante who entrusted him with a collection of riding rugs or La Prestic Ouiston which exhibits his embroidery enhanced with watercolors in the shop.

@audreydemarre on Instagram, plan from 150 €, order by email:

Where to find it?

La Manufacture Parisienne, 93 rue Marcadet, Paris - 18th
Galerie L'Œil Bleu, 32 rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, Paris - 3rd
La Prestic Ouiston, 21 rue Dragon, Paris - 6th

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