After Bellanger and Dubillot, it's time for Brasserie Martin!

Brasserie Martin

For several years, the La Nouvelle Garde group, made up of Bellanger (10th) then its little sister Dubillot (2nd), has been constantly shaking up the codes of the Parisian brasserie with a lot of garish trinkets on the walls, LOL decanters and of swaying playlists, claiming 100% homemade tracers: roast chicken / juice / fries, mashed sausage and other pies. Buoyed by this success, he is opening (already!) his third address opposite the charming Square Gardette, in the 11th. The neighborhood hipsters are jubilant.

A friendly atmosphere

It's hard not to succumb to the bankable charm that made the success of the first two addresses. Namely: a lot of humor (the Gallus Aeterno stained glass window which celebrates the Holy Eternal Chicken, if there is one), a very young staff, good vibes only , well-thought-out French furniture and little nonsense found everywhere to encourage the Instagram story. Inevitably, we feel good there, especially since the soundtrack is pushed to the max to create atmosphere for the bands of friends who come to have a good time and have fun at friendly prices. Efficient.

What's new on the plate?

Not really new to this new address, which is finally added to the other two to leave a final strategic choice of neighborhood. Of course, we are delighted to find the famous mayo eggs (€2), the salers tartare (€14), the free-range chicken roasted on a spit and its perfect finely cut fries (€16) like the comforting mashed sausage (€13) . Yum: to share, the spare ribs (€24) and piece of lamb (€30) on the spit.

Like the dishes, the desserts call on the madeleines of Proust cocorico, starting with the well-pralined Paris-Brest or the millefeuille (€8), unless you bet on the starlet of the moment who is definitely coming to squat all genres of restaurants, I named the pavlova (€8). An effective formula that will delight fans of unfussy cuisine with well-considered prices.

Open every day from 8:30 a.m. to midnight.

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