Crêpes Suzettes with Grand Marnier®

And how about sprinkling a touch of trendy in our vintage recipes? Demonstration with chef Nicolas Boussin who boosts as we like them the mythical crêpes flambées with Grand Marnier.

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking time : 5 min

Step 1 :

Pour the  orange juice, the caramel and the corn starch in a pan.

Step 2 :

Bring to a boil while mixing with a cooking whip.

Step 3 :

Incorporate the butter Grand Marnier ® liqueur by continuing to mix.

Step 4 :

Place in a dish the crêpes folded in 4 and cover up with the sauce.

Step 5 :

Warm at 180° during 5 min and serve immediately.

A tip from Nicolas ?

At the last moment, pour the Grand Marnier ® and light immediately.


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Ingredients for 6 crêpes :

55 g of caramel (bought in the supermarket)

- 15 cl of orange juice

- 2 teaspoons of corn starch (5 g)

- 3 cl of Grand Marnier ® liqueur

15 g of butter

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