The very « Miami Vice » novel by Tom Wolfe

Bloody Miami

Bloody Miami: here is the new super opus signed Tom Wolfe, the talented dandy writer of « Bonfire of the Vanities ».

The pitch ? A Romanesque series animated by stories recalling the glam’ trash  Miami lifestyle. Starting with this bling-bling psychiatrist, specialist in porn addiction and star on Tb shows. Or his Latina girlfriend, Magdalena, a modern-day Cinderella who dreams of escaping from her condition of immigrant and from her neighborhood…

We like : Tom Wolfe, he’s the Balzac of the 21st century that recalls an eclectic era with intrigues half-way between Nip/Tuck and Ugly Betty…

Bloody Miami, Tom Wolfe published by Ed. Robert Laffont. 24,5€.

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