Stranger Things: guaranteed sensations with season 3!

Stranger Things Saison 3

That's it, it's finally here! After two years of interminable waiting, the third season of Stranger Things finally arrives on Netflix. And fans will be in heaven: gore, pop references and a bunch of ever-likeable teenagers facing dark forces. What you need to know.

Extrait de la série avec Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo et Sadie Sink

A love song to pop culture

For fans of pop culture and of the details hidden in the recesses of the frame, the series is a true delight. In addition to an ever so successful reconstruction of the 1980s (which goes through many more or less kitsch hits but still very well used), Strangers Things is a true love song to fantastic pop culture.

The spirit of the great Stephen King is in fact regularly summoned, just like that of George A. Romero, through a somewhat particular session of his very cult Day of the Living Dead . LOL!

New faces

As season 2 hosted Sean Astin ( The Goonies , the Lord of the Rings trilogy ) and Paul Reiser ( Mad about you , Aliens ), this third season allows us to discover two new crispy characters: a villainous mayor to whom Cary Elwes ( Saw , Princess Bride ) lends her features, and an ice cream seller with many assets embodied by the bubbly Maya Hawke, who is none other than the brilliant daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Characters that make it possible to make an already fascinating plot even richer.

Growing characters

If these new characters bring fresh blood, we obviously find our favorite teenagers, still as geeks, but now in the grip of the vertigo of love. Because it is one of the great successes of the series: like what we experienced with the Harry Potter saga , viewers grow up with the characters of Stranger Things , allowing the series to gain in gravity and emotion. We'll let you guess who.

Always more gore

Obviously, we watch Stranger Things for its endearing and well-written characters, but also to get its dose of thrills. And on this side, the third season does not disappoint us either. We won't say too much so as not to spoil the scenario, but let us warn the sensitive souls that a little special rats play a big role in this season where we jump quite often.

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