The emergency ballerinas of Bagllerina x Le Normandy

Bagllerina X Le Normandy

The pitch: after a major renovation, the legendary hotel of Deauville is reopening its doors. An occasion for the foldable Bagllerina ballerinas label to sign a pair that matches the walls of the Normandy.

The object of desire: emergency shoes in toile de Jouy canvas, the famous Made in île de France print that is making its hipster-trendy revival amongst all the trendy designers.

The signature motif of this deluxe hotel institution. Chic and practical with their extra supple leather soles, we whip them out at the slightest foot pain. So just make take your pick between red or blue— ultimate snobbism, the matching shoe bag.

For whom? Highly perched twigs, who want to remain dignified at the end of the evening. Rather die than go home bare foot.

The plus: a small rarity to pick up exclusively at the Normandy Hotel. An escapade to Deauville is a must!

Sold only in the boutique of the Normandy Hotel, 110€.

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