A titillating saga

Saga Haletante

In 1978, Sin Ming, a handsome young Chinaman succeeded with amazing courage to swim out of China encouraged by his father who was interned during 20 years for brainwashing.

Having arrived half dead in Macao, he was taken in by his uncle David Liu at the head of an important financial empire.

Quickly sent to the United States and admitted to Princeton, in 1986, he returned to Hong Kong and became a famous Tycoon. It’s the consecration, money is flowing, ambitious women seek him out—he is finally free. This is when his uncle promises to get his parents out of mainland Chine on the condition he weds the woman chosen for him.

For the hero in love with a French woman, this duty reveals itself not easily compatible with his aspirations...

The heir is a breath-taking saga where one follows this young divided between China with its secular traditions and a more contemporary life obsessed by the challenge of progress.


Roselyne Durand-Ruel

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Albin Michel


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