A dream body in 20 mn flat: Miha Bodytech

Miha Bodytech

For whom? Overbooked working-girls, who need spectacular results quickly and easily! The ideal option to get your figure back after a baby or when you start a real diet.

The pitch. This method of electro-stimulation that comes from Germany is quite amazing and a tad bionic. Not surprising, top sporty types are already using it!

The promise? « 4h of sports in 20 minutes. ». Concretely, slip into a one-piece suit linked to electrodes and follow a program of exercises orchestrated by a coach, with added stimulus. After 10 sessions, twice a week, the silhouette clearly sheds a few centimeters and is toned up, particularly in the tummy and hips. You are the bomb!

To be noted: coaches can also make house calls.

How much? 45€ per session in a center. About 80€ at home.

All the info and locations.

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