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It's the May 1 buzz. The long-awaited new Netflix show is finally coming out. With a naked cast and Ryan Murphy writing, this 7-episode miniseries infiltrates the ruthless world of Hollywood in the heyday of cinema where we meet Eleanor Roosevelt , Georges Cukor and Vivien Leigh . Jubilant!

Ryan Murphy, the star series screenwriter

For the new blockbuster made in Netflix, the platform went for “ the ” size. In this case, Ryan Murphy , the ultra-powerful screenwriter in Hollywood (hold on!) And at the origin of the most bankable series on the market for 2 decades.

All genres combined: the genius of writing explored with equal talent the glossy turpitudes of the world of cosmetic surgery in Nip / Tuck , revisited the genre of musical comedy with Glee and caused a sensation with American Crime Story through the OJ Simpson case or the assassination of Gianni Versace .

It goes without saying that Ryan Murphy's foray into a world he knows like the back of his hand (in this case, the hidden side of Hollywood) is both a nameless joke and a satire to knives drawn from behind the scenes of the world of cinema where he lifts the veil on the racism and homophobia problems of an America sick with its hypocrisy. The character of Archie, black and gay screenwriter brilliantly played by Jeremy Pope , would it be a nod to Ryan Murphy's own story?

Welcome to Hollywood!

Extrait de la série Hollywood avec Jake picking et Jeremy Pope

At the end of the war, the ultimate hunk Jack Costello ( David Cornsweet seen in The Politician ) arrives in Hollywood where he hopes to break through. But the studio doors remain desperately closed to him and his young wife is pregnant.

Desperate, penniless, the former GI meets Ernie ( Dylan McDermott ). The dandy offers him a very well paid job in his rather special gas station. Its regulars: owners of beautiful cars who come to do more than a full tank of gas. Typical profile: repressed gays or cougars.

Jack resigns himself to joining the gang of magnificent gigolos to provide for his family. Until his very intimate meeting with Avis ( Patti LuPone ), the wife of the big boss of ACE Studios.

A fierce and hilarious review

A true choral series, this more real-than-life dive behind the scenes of the cinema allows you to meet all the caricatures and despair that reign in a world that crystallizes too many fantasies, money and ego.

Extrait de la serie Hollywood avec Samara Weaving et Laura Harrier

Aim instead: a daddy's girl who takes a role she does not deserve, a real orgy organized at Georges Cukor's where the powerful take advantage of the young first, a mean and frustrated agent who makes rain and shine on the market, star actresses on the verge of a nervous breakdown, abandoned women and gigolos summoned to entertain the disillusioned gallery. There is also the denunciation of a latent racism with Camille ( Laura Charrier ), wonderful black actress systematically relegated to the roles of boniches by the producers ...

The shadow of Harvey Weinstein is not far away ... But the narrative force of the series is a fierce criticism without falling into clichés. Here, no sexual harassment of young women: it is the young white male who is the easy target and the whores are guys. A premonition? Hollywood , this ruthless universe!

Extrait de la Série Hollywood avec David Corenswet, Jake Picking, Jeremy Pope et Darren Criss

Hollywood , starting May 1 on Netflix.

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