Lingerie brands that make you beautiful


Uncomplicated, frilly, lamé, the little lingerie assert themselves and give beautiful girls a decidedly powerful side. Because we had not yet noticed them, whether they have just arrived in France or whether they are currently a hit on Instagram , zoom in on these lingerie brands that make us fantasize.

The most Parisian: Superb

Culotte taille haute

The label: Superb , it is THE brand of lingerie for fashionistas well in their Air Max . At its head, a 100% #girlpower trio that does not lack pep and humor. The result ? A real universe, sexy and offbeat, without the fuss.

Signature: panties high waist velvet, satin or silk lamé, which planquent discreetly small cans with a good reinforcement of the second degree.

The added bonus: three rooms, three atmospheres with segmented collections for everyday, love or party. Easy to navigate, depending on the mood of the moment.

High waist panties € 49.90. Body “Golden Boy” 95 €.

The most “inexpensive”: Pretty panties

Culottes en coton avec dentelles et plumetis

The label: Florie and Prune were fed up with paying candy for underwear. They create Jolies Culottes with a brilliant idea: panties for a maximum of € 15, or to order by 10 for € 6 each, in order to vary the pleasures.

The signature: from simple cotton panties to lace and plumetis versions, a wide range that is both regressive and sexy when needed. And, above all, incredible comfort and simply enhancing shapes that don't squeeze. Comfortable enough to wear to hang around the house without even smelling them. Special mention for the chewable Liberty bloomer (€ 15).

The extra tip: smart, the creators even recommend placing a joint order with her friends, using the password “ planculottes ”.

The most bondage: Flash you and me

ensembles de lingerie, harnais, ceinture jarretière

The label: notice to potential Dita Von Teese . Big confidence required for the SM- inspired outfits of Flash you and me , the Latvian label that made the talk at the last lingerie fair .

The signature: 50 shades ambiance sets that are not cold in the eyes and follow the “ strapping trend which is all the rage, inspired by bondage. It gives harnesses, belts, sets of lingerie and laced accessories for frenzied evenings. It will get warmer !

The added bonus: the prices are low enough for a guaranteed wow effect. What to afford a real panoply to decorate like a puzzle, according to the mood.

Harness 35 €, garter belt 39 €

The most romantic: Le Petit Trou

Culotte avec plumetis, froufrous, dentelles et bralette

The label: founded in 2013 by a stylist from Elle Poland , the (Polish, therefore) brand Le Petit Trou is a hit more than ever on Instagram. Lingerie , homewear , indoor shoes are designed to enhance the silhouette.

The signature: games of transparency, plumetis , frills with a bit of cocotte and pretty lace . Special mention for the curvy panties cut above the buttocks, to engage the imagination without ever falling into vulgarity.

The added bonus: there is simply no false note for this collection, of which we would like to grab absolutely all the pieces, from the dressing gown to the sublime bodysuits and naively sexy pajamas .

Panties € 55, bralette € 60

The most aerial: Just a corpse

Culotte en velours, body

The label: flashy dance outfits with combo gaiters + crop top à la Un, back, tres , c'est finito. The new chic to express the ballerina that sleeps in us is to put on professional underwear. Thus, the Slovenian top model Valerija Kelava and her sidekick Uroš Belantič , designer of ballet costumes, have created Just a corpse , a poetic label halfway between dance and Parisian fashion . Gorgeous.

The signature: bodysuits, panties and even delicate, airy clothes that stick to the skin.

The added bonus: real originality in designs worthy of the most chic contemporary ballets , as portable for dancing as for flirting.

Velvet panties € 60, bodysuit € 115

The greenest: Nénés Paris


The label: green is sexy. Met in business school, Margot and Adrien launched the 1st French brand of lingerie whose fabrics are made from a recycled fiber , in this case based on ends of rolls and used plastic bottles . Nénés Paris was born (born).

The signature: for now, a highly desirable micro capsule of three pretty bralettes in warm colors, plain or printed. Coming in April, panties and swimsuits to complete the range. Can't wait!

The extra tip: a great way to “ sober up the eco-responsible ” with a water saving of “ 7 baths for a bra ”. Like what, we can save the planet AND be stylish.

Bralettes, 65 and 70 €

The most fun: Bibiche

Soutien-gorge et culotte avec broderies

The label: already specialized in lingerie , entrepreneurs have embarked on a range of underwear freed from the frantic pace of collections. The goal: underwear at the right price all year round, with new colors throughout the seasons.

The signature of fun embroidery and offset not match, please. Big blue eyes, hands or fried eggs on the breasts, scoops of ice cream on the panties, and tangy colors to play down.

The added bonus: an uninhibited spirit that is likely to make smile and mark the person who will withdraw them from you.

Bra € 48, panties € 25

The most mix and match: Love Stories

Soutien-gorge et culotte

The label: in the lingerie departments of department stores, designer Marloes Hoedeman has had enough of having to choose between two options: “ Sporty Spice ” or “ Tutu-Romance ” (#lol). Dutch creature with strong sympathetic potential, she founded Love Stories in 2013 and opened her pretty boutique in the Marais in 2017. A collaboration with H&M later, Parisiennes took hold of it and fell for these sets, recognizable among a thousand.

The signature: triangle bras and always without underwire (the famous “ bralettes ”) with pretty prints, and low- rise panties to mismatch, more reserved for flat bellies than small love wrists.

The added bonus: a range of ultra attractive colors, in shades of terracotta, green, pastel… Enough to make beautiful associations.

Bra € 60, panties € 35

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