Homecoming: so what about the new series with Julia Roberts ?

Homecoming Serie Amazon Prime

Julia Roberts, of a TV show télé, a dream come true? Amazon did it! Straight out of the wacky imagination of Sam Esmail (the creator of Mr. Robot), Homecoming offers to the actress a perfect part in a paranoid and spine-chilling thriller. Emmy Award in sight !

A convoluted manipulation story

This is the story of Heidi Bergman, a woman in her prime, who lives with her mother in the house where she spent her childhood in Florida. Waitress in a restaurant along a river embankment, her past pops back to the surface when Tom Carrasco, inquirer for the Department of Defense shows up. Flashback : the man asks her about Homecoming, an ultra-secret rehab centre for war veterans suffering from the famous PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) where she herself worked as social assistant before being mysteriously pushed aside, just like the soldier who she was close to, Walter Cruz. Next ? Without spoiling it for you, know that the plot revolves around State wheeling and dealing,   psychological manipulation and altered memory.

A film direction that plays on your nerves

You thought that you could nestle in front of this nice series without being hooked? Wrong. While his cult series Mr. Robot is ending  (the 4th season will be the last one), showrunner Sam Esmail does it again with this highly mental detective story. Paranoids abstain! Cold images, haunting piano notes at the crucial instants, close ups, the brilliant film direction takes you in into an ambiance of anxiety and febrility that keeps you glued to the screen until the closing scene.

A solar Julia Roberts

What could be better than our international Pretty Woman to incarnate this sensitive and authentic women caught in a devilish whirlwind ? At 50 years old, the actress truly deserves her reputation as “the prettiest woman in the world?”. XXL smile and always this bright spark in her eyes … her photogenic face has not taken on a single wrinkle. It’s very simple: even in this very low profile rolle (banal clothes and no makeup), she shines in each take with her solar presence. Julia forever !

The 2nd of November on Amazon Prime Video

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