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If you are hooked to TV series, you should know that Netflix invented nothing! More and more bookshop phenomenon come in several tomes, and we adore just as much being in touch with our favourite characters and intrigues in books as clicking on « Next episode ». A quick tour of the latest not-be-missed books.

The last saga of the incredible saga My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante: The Lost Child

elena ferrante l'enfant perdue

What’s the story ?

Her books are best sellers around the work, yet Elena Ferrante remains eternally mysterious—ten million copies of her books are published. The literary saga tells the 50-year old love-hate story that unites two Neapolitan friends, Lila and Elena. In the poor districts of Naples, we encounter the two little girls in the 50: Lila, the very clever daughter of a cobbler, stops her studies and gets married, while Elena works hard to ward off misery.

Why should one rush out to buy this book ?

Because this book is the last instalment of the formidable saga My brilliant friend, with an intrigue that has nothing to envy from the three previous volumes, an ode to friendship!. As background to this tantalizing story, Elena Ferrante recalls an Italy torn between fascists, communists and the ongoing involvement of the Mafia. Fascinating.

L'enfant perdue by Elena Ferrante (Gallimard), 23,50 €

The follow-up of the unforgettable The Great Swindle by Pierre Lemaître : Couleurs de l’incendie

pierre lemaitre couleurs de l'incendie

What’s the story?

If you never heard of The Great Swindle then you must be living on another planet! 2013 Goncourt prize, with one million copies sold, adapted to the cinema by Albert Dupontel, this novel recalls the incredible destiny of World War II soldier Edouard, son of the rich banker Marcel Péricourt.

Why should one rush out to buy part two of this trilogy?

Because this book showcases the incredible talent of novelist Pierre Lemaître that keeps us enthralled from the first to the last page with characters that are all more fascinating one than the other—with in the background the progressive surge of Eureopean extremists during the 1930s. Good news, the publication of the third instalment is planned next year!

Couleurs de l’incendie by Pierre Lemaître (Albin Michel), €22.90

The follow-up of the sparkling saga by Katherine Pancol : Three kisses

katherine pancol

What’s the story ?

Since then years, the books of this former journalist and writer have sold more than 500 000 copies. With the sagas The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles and Muchachas representing six works, we followed the adventures of no less than six families and … 43 characters !

Why you should rush out to buy the latest instalment of this literary series?

Because as with the preceding novels, the queen of saga takes us into a universe we are delighted to be part of…during 864 pages (!!), In this new opus, Katherine Pancol unravels the stories of her former characters, spanning three generations.

No panic, if you have never read Katherine Pancol, this last volume says it all ! Intrigues intermingle and you will read the book as though you were watching a good Netflix series!

Trois baisers by Katherine Pancol (Albin Michel), €24.90.

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