« By Fitz » : the very Brooklyn-style nail-bar

Nail By Fitz

Locals were dreaming of it, Simone did it! In this made in NYC nail-bar in downtown Boulogne, one single marching order: pamper the clientele in a 100% ambiance  inspired by American nail bars.

Prices are attractive, the decor is cozy and the ambiance totally relaxed: so it’s is not surprising that one wants to come back right after testing the wonderful beauty of the feet on a massage chair !

We like : For birthdays, bachelorette parties or other events, « By Fitz » can be privatized on Sunday morning.

We looove : the mini O.P.I nails polish for 5 euros and «by Rainbowlink» bracelets that have a sweet scent of Spring…

Beauty of the hands: 25 euros (20 euros when under 25).

Beauty of the feet: 35 euros (28 euros when under 25).

Beauty of the hands + semi-permanent  nail polish: 50 euros (200 euros for 5, removal included comprise). O.P.I products.

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