CHOCHO: Thomas Chisholm's new table makes rue de Paradis vibrate

The Chocho Restaurant in Paris

A strong, sophisticated and festive concept was needed to succeed the Bel Ordinaire in the 10th district and in the spirit of Demorand ...

It's done with the arrival of the young, super talented chef who came to Top Chef Thomas Chisholm in a brand new, super sexy setting. Code name ? Chocho . A word of advice: go for it before this new author's table is taken by storm.

The restaurant with a good atmosphere

The Chocho restaurant team

Stuck in the Libertino , the new address opened by Thomas Chisholm with Emilie and Boris Bazan (the owners of Colvert , Christine and Fous de l'Ile ) is striking.

It must be said that the archi studio has given everything to create a friendly atmosphere conducive to festive tables and which sublimates the very good food. But also the list of natural wines which has everything to please the foodies of the district and the former regulars of the Bel Ordinaire.

Large bay window bathing the restaurant in light, huge oak guest tables to reserve in groups, set of cannon lamps, all green ceiling, tweed and leather bench on a hip hop or electro playlist. We are very good! Especially in the evening, when you can push the tables to groove on Nicolas Jaar or Carl Cox .

As for the shock team in the kitchen, it is staged like a music group, behind the super stylish bar, under a pop neon above the bar behind which we see the team busy in earnest and good mood.

Thomas Chisholm's signature cuisine

The chocho menu

Summarizing the brilliant Thomas Chisholm at Top Chef would necessarily be reductive, even if the show allowed the chef to come under the spotlight as well as to cook “ wow ” and never-gimmick concepts.

His culinary signature has the taste of his travels. Because the young French talent grew up in Brooklyn before landing in Perpignan and then studying at Routes in the 5th district, joining the three-star cuisine of Thierry Marx and landing at Paul Bert , the cult neo-bistro for foodies.

Here, he manages to combine cutting-edge French gastronomy in short and reasoned circuits mode with the hyper US comfort food side and the very friendly Catalan spirit of plates to share for a taste of everything!

La cuisine de Thomas Chisholm

To try absolutely: without knife or fork, its “ dish for saucing ” of the moment, to be filled with good homemade bread served with it. Madness (€ 16). Its incredible ceviche , very instagrammable, presented as a tequila paf to round in 3 steps: the chili to lick on the hand, the juice to drink as a shot and the fish tartare to chew on a lime wedge. Its mushrooms in an ultimately regressive cream (€ 17), oysters served with a granita of sorrel and raw cream smoked from the shell (€ 11 for 3 pieces). Impossible to miss his haute couture S'more, the famous cake that little Americans bunch around a campfire.

Note: a very festive 2nd service at 10:30 p.m. or 11 p.m. and the possibility of continuing to drink shots after the service, with good sound.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

© Antoine Motard © Elodie Rouge

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