6 new tea times to try in Paris

Treating yourself to a princess-like tea time as chic as in Downton Abbey is a bit of the accessible luxury we dream of indulging in to lift our spirits when everything seems to be falling apart. Ultimate joy: these six beloved spots have just launched their tea time, to be booked quickly with your date, your mom, or your BFF. Will you tell us about it ?



the Procope tea time in Paris

The atmosphere: legendary! When you find yourself within the walls of a place that has existed since 1686, there's inevitably a certain emotion that comes with it. This iconic address nestled in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés has welcomed the Parisian elite and other illustrious figures throughout history. In 2024, Procope reinvents itself under the guidance of the Parisian interior architecture studio Friedmann & Versace, envisioning a new Café-Glacier lounge perfectly in line with the aesthetics of the place and its grand past. Let's remember that Procope, before being a brasserie, was a café and even the first to serve this beverage that had just arrived from the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century!

Tea time: on the menu, they talk about a "gourmet break," a formula that includes a dessert of choice (Chocolate Fondant, Paris Brest, Tiramisu, or Apple Puff Pastry) and a hot drink with the famous coffee (a must), tea, or divine hot chocolate (€16.50). As a surprise on the menu, there's a gourmet gem signed by Christelle Brua, voted the world's best pastry chef in 2018, who has imagined for Procope a bombastic Creamy Chocolate-Coffee Tart (€12.50). The flambéed crepes with Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge are to die for (€13.50), as are the ice creams and sorbets available in creative cups like Limoncello with lemon and mandarin sorbets, mini limoncello baba, whipped cream (€15.50), or to enjoy solo. The Fior di Latte ice cream with whipped cream and milk jam overflowing in its cup is enough to satisfy the cravings of the most gourmet (€12.50)!

Procope, 13 rue de l'Ancienne Comédie, Paris 6th. 01 40 46 79 00. Gourmet formula served from 3 pm to 7 pm.



The Bulgari hotel tea time in Paris

The atmosphere: Italian chic incarnate! In the cozy lounges of the Bulgari Hotel Paris nestled in the heart of the Golden Triangle, charm, elegance, and refinement enchant the space. Cosy and design, the lounge is adorned with marble tables, welcoming armchairs and banquettes, and a remarkable fireplace that positions the best seats around it. One could be in Rome or Milan... and that's what we love here.

Tea time: this luxurious tea time bears the signature of two talented men united in gastronomy, the in-house pastry chef Guillaume Smagghe in duo with the star of the place, Niko Romito, a triple-starred chef. And it's a feast of transalpine flavors that infuse this formula meticulously designed to offer you uppercase pleasure on a silver platter and in lovely porcelain plates. Three savory bites inaugurate the tasting, including the inevitable Bomba with vitello tonnato. Next, a soft scone with a delicate orange flavor, accompanied by mascarpone, honey, and jam. And five sweet delights definitively establish the moment in paradise: Piemontese Cannoncino with pastry cream, Baba with coffee sublimated with rum aged for 12 years, Mimosa Tartlet with lemon and Strega liqueur, Sicilian Cannolo filled with buffalo ricotta and organic pistachios. And our favorite: the Maritozzo with stracciatella, a soft brioche generously filled with mascarpone chantilly studded with chocolate shavings. Accompanied by a hot drink or the sparkling bubbles of a glass of Franciacorta. Tutto bene!

Bulgari Hotel Paris, 30 avenue George V, Paris 8th. 01 81 72 10 80. Tea time served from Friday to Sunday from 2:30 pm to 5 pm. Starting from €55 per person.



The atmosphere: located just opposite La Madeleine, Lucas Carton is a true Parisian institution. Woodwork dating back to 1860, flowered banquettes, velvet screens, large mirrors, and beautiful chandeliers, the sublime room plunges into a cozy and timeless atmosphere, with the pleasure of sprawling comfortably on wide and soft banquettes. White tablecloths and silverware: all the codes of luxury are there to make you live a real experience.

Tea time: a privilege of the job, the Do It Team was able to test in preview the brand new tea time by Sylvain Goujon, freshly installed in Paris after a career at the Four Seasons in London. Now in charge of the sweet proposition, the pastry chef invites you to a tea time inspired by British influences, served in two stages, mixing petits fours and true gastronomic desserts. Presented in beautiful ceramic dishes, the first part offers a mini kiwi tart with a licorice touch, a cinnamon tatin with a little sour cream, a surprising tart with dark chocolate and chili, a lemon madeleine with a sugar glaze drizzle cake, and, of course, the famous scones plain and with dried fruits to be enjoyed with fresh cream, butter, or seasonal fruit jams (made according to seasonal fruits). We finish this feast with a fresh and icy touch with, on one side, a rice milk cream, grapefruit sorbet, and coconut tile, and, on the other, a vacherin, sage mousse, and grapefruit marmalade with pepper. All served with a cup of tea, of course.

Lucas Carton, 9 place de la Madeleine, Paris 8th. Tea time available from late February. (€50 per person).



The Little Miss Geisha tea time in Paris

The atmosphere: facing the Luxembourg Gardens, this zen bubble expresses all its tranquility through a sensual decor developed by the Mixomania collective. Little Miss Geisha combines the beautiful attributes of traditional Kyoto houses: wooden chairs, tidy banquettes, lanterns, flowery chandeliers, and soft light. An exquisite selection of tableware in ceramic, lacquer, and porcelain perfects the poetic ambiance of this graceful place. Ultra-calming.

Tea time: hand in hand with the Tomo pastry shop, Little Miss Geisha offers an exciting signature tea time formula. On the menu, a daifuku mochi (the one with matcha and edamame is absolutely divine), a dorayaki pastry (aim for the Baba with Japanese whiskey and crazy vanilla chantilly), and a slice of travel cake (that day, an iced black sesame cake with lemon and black sugar), to accompany with a hot or cold drink according to your desires (€30). Special mention for the chef's orgasmic dessert: a chocolate mousse made from Criollo grand cru cocoa, enhanced with barley miso and roasted cocoa bean chips (€9). On the drinks side, teas obviously occupy a place of honor on the menu, and the freshly whisked matcha in front of your eyes is one of the house's must-haves (starting from €9), just like the sublime 'Geisha' coffee considered the best in the world (€8), tied with the downright crazy homemade hot chocolate (€8).

Little Miss Geisha, 13 rue de Médicis, Paris 6th. Tea time served from 12 pm to 6:30 pm every day.



Le tea time de Maison Colbert à Paris

The atmosphere: hidden in a small street of the Latin Quarter, the Maison Colbert Hotel houses the charming Clotilde café, which, in addition to offering a brunch that had delighted the Do It Team, proposes an elegant tea time just a stone's throw from the Seine quays facing Notre-Dame. Who's in charge? Nina Métayer, elected Best Pastry Chef in the World in 2023. Just that! We take advantage of Simone de Beauvoir's former residence with its leafy terrace or its cozy lounge and comfortable armchairs, ideal for savoring the array of pastries.

Tea time: remember to arrive on an empty stomach to enjoy this decadent tea time! The tone is set immediately with the delicacies displayed on the central buffet, which already make your mouth water. First, choose your hot drink (coffee, tea, very gourmet homemade hot chocolate) and your smoothie (strawberry/banana or pineapple/coconut) before selecting the pastries and cakes brought on a servant for a highly Instagrammable presentation. The Pear Hibiscus Flower combines a crumble, a cassis flower water mousse, and a compote of pear, grapefruit, and hibiscus, while the Crunchy Chocolate skillfully plays with different chocolate textures. Then it's time for the travel cakes, with a choice between the regressive brookie and the lemon sponge cake, like well-buttered madeleines to dip in pistachio, salted caramel, and chocolate-hazelnut spreads. We finish to take away - or on the spot for the most greedy - with the chocolate lollipop hiding pieces of pistachios. A delight!

Maison Colbert, 7 rue de l'Hôtel Colbert, Paris 5th. Tea time served from Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm until April 28th (€36 per person). Online reservation.



Le tea time de l'Hôtel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

The atmosphere: nestled on the terrace of the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel hotel, an ultra-cozy ephemeral bubble welcomes the most romantic sweet tooths in the capital for a gourmet tea time with a plunging view of the Iron Lady. Whether it rains or snows, we settle in a micro-committee for two or four in this ultra-comfortable and well-heated cocoon around a beautifully set round table. Flowery, pretty light, extraordinary view: we're good!

Tea time: here, everything is à la carte! To accompany or not your optional glass (€18 for bubbles), choose among the classics of French pastry, between a Vanilla Saint-Honoré (our favorite), a lemon meringue tart, a pistachio chocolate choux, a Mont-Blanc tart with chestnut cream (pastry €13). As for drinks, it depends on the mood of the day! For example, a peach tea ideally flavored (€7) and especially a divine thick hot chocolate (€8), not to mention a nice selection of cocktails including a Saint-Germain liqueur Valentine Spritz, yuzu tonic Fentimans, prosecco, sparkling water, and sage (€18). In the soft version, sip on the Madame Yang, a raspberry, lychee, pink berry mocktail (€9 per mocktail).

Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel, 18 avenue de Suffren, Paris 15th. Every day between 3 pm and 6 pm until April 7th. À la carte. Online reservation.

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