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Demi Soeurs

Poke your best friend, we have pegged your popcorn movie of the week. The recipe of Demi-sœurs in 1 minute flat. Get ready!

Transpose the pitch of 3 Frères (3 brothers) girl style

At the outset, Lauren (Alice David), Olivia (Charlotte Gabris) and Salma (Sabrina Ouazani) should never have met. The first one is a fashion instagrammer. The second one is desperately trying to save the chocolate factory of her father. The third one teaches history in a difficult neighbourhood. Their unique common denominator ? A genetic father as vigorous as Francky Vincent (says Lauren), recently deceased, who leaves them an upscale apartment of 200 m2 in the 7e arrondissement. Sell or live together, such is the question.

Does this ring a bell ? The film of Saphia Azzeddine (Mon père est femme de ménage/My father is a Cleaning Lady) and François-Régis Jeanne picks amongst the best sketches of Les Inconnus or the impossible encounter of three personalities that everything opposes. Lies, rip offs, betrayals, everything is allowed.

Mix with Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu ?

Olivia, an Ashkenazi Jew, is as psychorigid as Monica Geller in Friends. Salma, muslim, she grew up in a religion abiding family. When the sensitive subject comes up, it’s almost like the war of religions. Yet there are certain similarities between the two young women with a pretty message of tolerance.

And cherry on the cake

A terrific casting. Starting with Alice David, "that girl" in Bref, dyed in blonde for the film, even more bombesque on a large screen. Sabrina Ouazani, impeccable as a young French woman of African origins who is still very innocent. Charlotte Gabris, hilarious as the girl to marry looking for a Jew and nothing else. And let’s not forget Mademoiselle Agnès as special guest in the role of a very pretentious fashion figurehead.

Demi-sœurs at the cinema on the 30th of May.

Also check out Fête des mères and Larguées, still showing.

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