Why stay single?

Lart Du Celiba

Finally a short, funny and adorably ironic treaty that  praises all the advantages of being single with panache and is against the one track mind that highlights being a couple—or nothing...

In other words, here is a clever book, filled with furiously Brit humor, that will comfort eternal seducers (male and female) in their life style (so there! ) and just might  spark a few regrets to these who live as a couple. It is so wonderful to be alone and happy go lucky—taking advantage of one’s free time as one please …

The art of breaking up without coming across as a BOW, and taking DIY handy courses to learn how to repair a sink without need a guy around the house:

We adore: the series of tips and arguments to discourage all those couples surrounding you to set you up (especially with the first come looser …).

L’Art du célibat, Editions Jungle. 8 €

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