La belle et la belle: a delicious comedy with Kiberlain

Film La Belle Et La Belle

In her joyful and sparkling comedy, film director Sophie Fillières sets forth her daughter, Agathe Bonitzer, as well as Sandrine Kiberlain and Melvil Poupaud. A winning trio for a terrific scenario: 45-year-old Margaux, meets 20-year-old Margaux. In fact it’s the same person: an adult Margaux meets herself 15 years younger… 3 good reasons to go see this film we would all have dreamt of living.

Because the idea of the scenario is very clever

actrices la belle et la belle

How come nobody ever thought of it before ? Isn’t it the dream of each one of us to go back and meet ourselves a few years in the past to help our mini-me make the right decisions ? In the film, Margaux, who is (played by Sandrine Kiberlain) gives many tips to the young woman (played by Agathe Bonitzer) that she was at twenty: not to go out with such and such a boy, protect yourself in order not to be pregnant, stay in touch with your BFF Esther… But since young Margaux is very stubborn, very little of this advice is followed. The mirror game is quite clever, the two actresses are not duplicates, but still resemble each other in a very realistic and amusing way.

For the Sandrine Kiberlain and Melvil Poupaud duo


The couple played by the two actors is delightful. Handsome Melvil Poupaud incarnates the man with whom 45-year-old Margaux has spent several years of her life. Always very attached to this woman, of course he falls in love with… the young Margaux. The actor is particularly convincing and realistic. And his couple with Sandrine Kiberlain, faithful to her style both direct and delicate, is totally endearing.

A very enjoyable moment

A light film but not silly at all: short (1h36) and efficient. The pretty idea of the scenario leaves room for thought, even a venture into philosophical reflections: and if you were in the shoes of Sandrine Kiberlain, what advice would you give to the adolescent you were? Like an ode to maturity, this fanciful comedy reassures us on our eventual mistakes and dedramatizes passing time. A wonderfully special moment out of the ordinary.

la belle et la belle bande annonce

La belle et la belle will be coming out on the 14th of March.

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